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I CAN’T I took some time off from writing, had some pertinent things to do. I have enough projects to do in my life, and if I sit back; well, they never get done because ideas aren’t taught to finish … Continue reading

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The Pimples

The Pimples One day you wake up, go to the bathroom and take care of the paperwork, you go to the vanity sink and wash your hands; that’s when you see it. Right smack dab in the middle of your … Continue reading

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Modern Technology

Modern Technology AARP has classes on Smart Phones now, one lady says that she texts more now because her grandchildren respond better. Oh that is so warm and fuzzy, go savor your text and give your Smart Phone a grandmotherly … Continue reading

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Looking Deeper

Looking Deeper The “Stinken Thinken” in society can be seen all around us, it’s everywhere, the foreboding lives, filled with drama to fill their days with. You, me, everyone can see it; it’s everywhere. Right now there is a person … Continue reading

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