Surfing Life

Surfing Life

Surfing life isn’t as smooth a ride as catching a four foot wave, then standing up and reveling in the fact that you rode a wave; that reveling is like saying you’re a cowboy after taking a carnival horse ride.
Life equated to surfing, you’re out there with the big boys, monster swells coming in, your bobbing up and down waiting for that right wave to come along; for me, it was the Ninth wave, I would count the waves and hit it hard.
You start to paddle into the swell, just before the swell hits you, it’s starts to build behind you, you feel like a mouse, the wave is the cat. If you don’t get moving, you know you’re going to get eaten alive.
You stand to your feet, no foam yet, just a building mountain of water behind you; but that mountain just keeps building. You ride a little further down the face, you hear it breaking, you look back, there’s a four story wall of water crashing down; chasing you like that cat chasing the mouse, you feel so small and meaningless to that wave.
You never curse and cuss, but you finally know the meaning of an “Oh Shit Moment!” There’s no turning back, you have to ride this monster wave, you have to, getting weak now can kill you, if you fall and don’t drown, you will be pounded into some of the nastiest, razor sharp submerged rocks that you never knew belonged on this earth; in surfing, there is no Out of Sight, Out of Mind thoughts of getting through the day.
At this point, your nothing but a human ball of adrenaline, the only thoughts you have is that you have to do everything right if your going to survive the ride, all the thoughts and actions the land lovers are having at this moment are meaningless, more like insignificant at best; it’s not the ride of your life, your on the ride for your life. No politics, no fads, no bandwagon issues, while riding down the face of that four story wave, you know if you start thinking of such trivial thoughts; you know the coastguard will be looking for your waterlogged body, if the sharks didn’t get you first.
The ride is not over, but you can see that it’s near, the whitewater is chasing you, blowing mist out the shrinking tube, you’re doing fifty miles an hour when you hit the chop, bone pounding, exhaustion hits your nerves, you’re spent, but the pounding is relentless, then you see it; that now seemingly mundane spot, at what you see as the lazy end of the wave; it’s safe now, you kick out. Up and over, you’re on the back side of the wave, you collapse onto your board, all you can do is breathe, then aim the tip of your board towards the shore.
In today’s world, there are those that are afraid to surf the small waves of life, but they follow the issues of the day, they’re a part of a group no matter how meaningless their part is, and if things get rough; they simply kick out becoming anonymous to the world.
They never look beyond the issue, they never look deeper than the issue, they never look deeper into the people they trust or vote for, they’re simply along for the ride, no wonder they won’t play with the big boys; they know their fear of life that they keep so silent will be seen. They just want to follow the crowd, get lost in the crowd so that they can belong to something, without the experience or expense of life.
Making a choice to surf something bigger than twenty feet, it takes determination, skill, and a strong respect for life; without those factors, you can lose your life. Following without understanding, being someone your not, just being a part of the crowd so that you can fit in to something; it’s proven daily, that anyone can do that. Sometimes, if you honestly respect life, you’ve gotta just paddle out and . . . ride, that is if you want to really live life for the better.

If you’re a part of the following crowd, you’re simply an onlooker.

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240 Years

240 years

The following is a reply I posted on Facebook, what I got for a retort was changed by the author pounding instead on Donald Trump, guess better him than me. But, my post was more in defence of America over any candidate.
[Don’t mean to intrude on a conversation. But there are two things to remember here, our Forefathers were the dissidents or outsiders of their day, and look what they left us. And since the 1960’s, in the decades since, the American public has lost the common independence that our Constitution dictates we Americans have rightfully, a gift again by our Forefathers. But we have lost so much of the “Great” by the dumbing down of Americans over the last few decades, society has brought on its own ignorance and failing due to a new age following nature, a nature of ilk over say respectability, sad and shameful on the citizens part. If we lose our rights, our economy, our country, it will be due to our own lack of respect that’s due the very nature of being born in a country who’s Constitution gives every citizen the right retain or lose what they have. Respect is a big word, people today are so unaware of how “Great” America once was, if they’re aware, then they are feeling voiceless and frightened speak out. To me the most frightening time will come, when the Mediocre Following Minds win, at that point, everyone, Everyone will get the point I’m trying to make here.

Great, the word, is in quotation marks for a reason, the word Great comes from past strength in the wars we won, but Vietnam was a political war, no greatness there. Wars on our soil, the Civil War, Indian wars, no greatness in those wars, if they weren’t political they were over land, or control of a population of people; again, no greatness there.
My comment did not include any of the current crop of social issues, Black Lives Matter, Gay Rights, or the politicians and their backgrounds criminal or otherwise; no matter how the human mind may connect the issues.
The post took the country and its plight to the forefront of the frey, showing what has happened to the country and where we could well be heading the citizenship should not stop following, a message waisted on someone that can not see that they are a part of the problem; made visible by their accusatory arrogance and anger.
Did I reply, no, it wasn’t worth my time, something’s can’t be explained, they have to be lived. Guess, time will tell.
Have a safe and happy Independence Day, on the 4th…

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Years Ago There Was A Song

Years Ago There Was A Song

“Where have all the flowers gone?” Sound familiar?
People were really concerned about the earth, the people, everything I would imagine back then had some importance; well kind of as no one can tell what society will hold important tomorrow.
Today we have Twitter, Facebook, email, texting, and more “communicative apps” than anyone can use; but I have to wonder, is life any better today than it was when the beginning words of this post were committed to song?
Some may say that life is better, staying in the loop is easier, keeping up with family and friends is easier, and getting all the latest news about anything is easier (even though you may not be able to trust the information you get on the web,) but getting back to family and friends in this day in age; when you go to bed tonight, try hugging all your electronic devices and see if they make you feel all warm and fuzzy.
See when the song above hit the AM stations to be loved and adored by the masses, well, the times were for the most part simpler, and definitely free for the people that lived the more honest life. And all we had for communication back then were the regular mail, and good old Ma Bell, and family and friends could still communicate on a basic level of understanding.
The song and it’s meaning, for the most part the song is about Love, Life, War and Death, and the only time we hear the song is on some Oldie Goodies station, an old movie, or on some Public Broadcasting special about San Francisco, the Vietnam war, or an allergy campaign.
So is life today anymore understood today than it was decades ago? I’d be hard pressed to say that it is, if anything life or living is more frivolous, and getting colder.
It’s truly a shame, the dismantling of society has gone beyond the dismantling of the family, it used to be the suburbs were a problem, or at least considered the heart of the problem, but now days the suburbs have grown into countrywide problems, people aren’t moving for survival as in a job to support the family, their just moving. We can move freely now, we have the ability to text, the ability to post comments and pictures on everything from MySpace to facebook and beyond; as a society, we are free, free to be whatever it is we can imagine wherever we can imagine our freedom to be.
Getting a feather tickle to move, well it doesn’t always mean the move should be made without first considering the consequences of the move, as well as the losses that will someday be a part of our lives; an innocent move for the right reasons or not, those losses may never be set right, it’s just human nature these days to see only half the story. And, getting only half the understanding of those in your life.
Remembering the gist of the song is basically everything encompassed in living and the inevitable of life which is death, it seems that we all should be more understanding of the path we are on; after all, it’s kind of hard to communicate and hug from the grave, definitely impossible to build a better relationship from the grave.
The times we have at hand, so often wasted on truly meaningless things while the more important parts of life slip right on past our should be enquiring minds; aren’t we better than that, we are supposed to be smarter than animals aren’t we, yet they respect life and living so much better than us humans do at times.
Life was never meant to be a “Like Button” on Facebook, God gave us Hearts, Souls, and the depth of honest Feelings for a reason, and two arms to hold and share those parts of life that should be a part of everyone’s living breathing day. Isn’t it time, time to take an understanding breath of life, to feel the beauty of life’s more precious and enduring aspects before they are gone; leaving us with nothing more than regrets to fill our waking hours with. I should hope so, but then who am I, I’m certainly not God.
Take the time to ponder this writing, before we all have nothing more to do than to sit in questioning thought of: Where have all the flowers gone?

Peter, Paul & Mary – Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Young girls have picked them everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?

Where have all the young girls gone, long time passing?
Where have all the young girls gone, long time ago?
Where have all the young girls gone?
Gone for husbands everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?

Where have all the husbands gone, long time passing?
Where have all the husbands gone, long time ago?
Where have all the husbands gone?
Gone for soldiers everyone
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?

Where have all the soldiers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the soldiers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the soldiers gone?
Gone to graveyards, everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?

Where have all the graveyards gone, long time passing?
Where have all the graveyards gone, long time ago?
Where have all the graveyards gone?
Gone to flowers, everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?

Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Young girls have picked them everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?

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If Life Could Be That Simple

If Life Could Be That Simple

Peaceful lifestyles, not the hippie kind, such lifestyles are often misunderstood, like the peaceful person doesn’t care, or won’t fight back; the peaceful life is never free, it comes with a high price, it’s worth defending. And sometimes, violence is often a part of that defending of a peaceful life; war should be teaching us that.
A man was interrogated in his home country because he converted to Christianity. The police snatched him right off the street, threw him in jail, and deliberately brow beat him for days because he walked away from a faulty religion. Yes the same religion that’s feeding the terrorist, and in this country, there’s a movement by the politically correct to denounce God, because they don’t want to offend anyone; I guess any reason will do in the world of political correctness.
Maybe it’s time to create the likes of The Political Incorrect Police, to show more blatantly the other side of life’s coin, less the violence; in a day to day living breathing reality, we just can’t keep going on like this. In a country founded on God’s principles, it’s not only dangerous; it’s sacrilege. Sacrilege, even though everyone no matter their view of this country, or how they ignorantly try to distort the true American values because of Politically Correct beliefs; people still want the values that were built on the beliefs in God that so many say that they dislike; yes, destroy the cake then say you’re still hungry, what a mentality.
Sometimes the protective walls are inexpensive to build and stand invisible, it’s time we build such a wall, but it’s in the maturity of the citizenry to build the wall, the first step would be to stop following the politically correct; we made people wealthy as a society in the blind following, but it’s the power that they have received along with the wealth that should be placing fear in society. The Clinton’s alone are proof of that, blind following won’t open the pages of the Clinton Chronicles, or open the eyes and ears to the Clinton’s criminal activities through the years.
We all want a peaceful life, but the citizenry loves their blinders, as long as someone else does the thinking and defending, everything is good; in reality, that’s bad money being spent to buy faulty peace. It’s like putting a criminal in charge of the bank, but when you try to withdraw the money from your account, you find out that you’re broke. Bad money, but where’s the stopping point, is it with this generation, or is it with the next generation, or the next and the next; all because we put blindness and complacency above morality, Faith and common sense.
If Life Could be that simple?
If we want life to be that “Simple” then why do we allow political correctness, popularity, and deceit to rule our attainment of a simple peaceful life. Because it’s easier to stand for nothing when someone else will do the standing up for us, that will get us nowhere fast. Shallow paths will never get us over the mountains when the same shallow paths can’t get us over the hills. But then strength and dignified stature now days relates little to a peaceful life, I wonder what our Forefathers would say considering that thought, if they were walking their beloved country today. One of the question’s that may come to their mind is: Why did we even try to to build a free country, why did all our countrymen die, for what reason did we consider taking the steps we took; so that it could all be simply given away via lazy non patriotic manners of living? And these new citizens want a peaceful life? Do they understand all that they have done, and where they are headed?
Me personally, if I were one of our Forefathers, or one of those that fought or died for the freedoms and liberation from the British empire of old; I would be disgusted with the condition of our country, equally so with our presidential candidates. More so with the fact that one has the standing that she has, her standing proves one thing, society cares more for political correctness than they do it’s own moral compass; society is on the wrong path if they are seeking a peaceful life.
If Life Could be that Simple? We would not have let this country get to the condition it’s currently in, not in the first place. But then like anything, letting something fall to decay is in itself a simple act; just do nothing. So be careful of what you ignore or wish for, you might just get what you ask for; good or bad. One thing will be sure, your life will have been simple alright, yep; not a thought given, or a finger lifted.

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Don’t let Someone else’s Stress Override your Grace

Don’t let Someone else’s Stress Override your Grace

We are born from Grace, filled with innocence, trust, beauty; aside from the need for food and care, that is the way everyone is born. Sure there are defects or special needs in the birth part of life, like Twin Transfusion and such, but we are always born with and from Grace.
But somewhere along the way, between birth and say forty years of age, we gather other people’s stress into our lives, that stress silently transforms us from Grace to a stress filled person; and somewhere between the Stress of others and the Grace we are born with, is where we find us in our personal lives.
Talking to a nurse in the hospital, me being laid up in bed, still comfortable, she would come and spend some talking time with me, it was very pleasing as the conversation went deeper than dirt; quite unusual as there was such a void of societal and scientific manners in our words.
My arms tell my story of love and what’s important in my life, living or waiting in heaven; that’s where the conversation started after pulling all the stickers off that the ER put on my arms and chest to hook me up to the EKG wires. The conversation began at that point, it was carried on over a four-day visit to the hospital, it was deep and helpful for the nurse, and since I was half past dead when I went in; I was taking things serious, because to be honest, this time around I really had an inner peace with moving beyond this life. And no, I don’t believe in suicide.
We talked about the life that she has been living, her children grown and gone, putting up with her husband’s fault filled life for all the years of their marriage, his love of alcohol and depression that overrode the love he should be having for her; she was in the very middle of the place where this title came from for this post. My nurse was a kind gentle person, a nice laugh, and a strong presence of truth in her life.
People can’t be forced to step away from themselves or society to see the failings they are allowing to destroy their own attitudes or welfare, therefore we can’t concern ourselves with that personal inadequacy in any person’s life, all we can really do is tell them what we see; then let the person crash to life’s floor on their own. It may sound cold, but if you’re there to help in a constructive and supportive manner after, then it’s not cold to allow the falling; people don’t want to listen or understand life these day’s, we can’t allow someone’s scattered thoughts of life to degrade our lives so that they can have someone to wallow with.
My nurse is headed for divorce, she said she was giving it one more try before making a reality of divorce, we talked about all the aspects of what she was dealing with, leaving her with the knowledge of who she is in the eyes people that see her true nature shine. We talked about the friend’s that will not be there for her after the divorce because they choose a faulty side, proving that the people were never friends in the first place. We talked about filling up her life with good people afterwards, how living alone and happy with a little bit of good is often far better than living with lifestyles and people that simply want people in their lives to fill some demeaning void. We talked honestly and openly about life, to a point, I wasn’t sure who was the patient, me or her.
Soon I was sent to take a breathing test, three years ago I had the lungs of an eighty five year old, they wanted a new baseline for me. The RT and I had conversations in the past, during the test, he told me the difference between my age and the value of my lungs, he said the difference doesn’t overshadow my life’s wisdom. I took his words as a compliment, but I honestly never look at what I know about life as wisdom, rather just lessons learned in an honest path of life.
Most often the people I see that carry the burden of life like a badge, they rarely have the ability to tell someone who they truly are inside, they’ve been too caught up in their wallowing or following; or simply lost in all that they have allowed to be the conditioning factors of their very lives.
It’s with that thought that my nurse and I finished on, she has paid her dues in her life, it’s time for her to examine who she really is and where part of her beautiful nature has been collecting life’s often times cancerous dust. It’s time for her to build on the Good that comes her way, while stepping away from the more toxic aspects of life that people in life from friendships to family have so far conditioned her to accept as some form of reality.
She asked me how I knew she needed to hear what I said, I told her that I didn’t know, but that I have been where she is and I do everything sober so I retain the lessons of life; it’s more up to me to share what I have learned, no matter the subject matter, as long as it helps someone for the better. With the fact that death has successfully knocked on my door several times in the last three years, and unsuccessfully taken me, I can safely say that life is too short no matter the age or health condition to waste time in someone else’s life destruction or dysfunction.
As I was leaving the hospital, I stopped by to say so long to my nurse and to wish her well, she came around and gave me a hug, I believe we left each other with a little bit of each other’s good, at those moments; life is good. God Bless her, I wish her so much good, she is one of life’s precious souls that so many see, receive help from, take for granted and then forget when they leave the hospital; she deserves the Good of life, to fill her soul, to compaction with Grace.

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All The Fish Are Frying In Someone Else’s Pan

All the fish are frying in someone else’s pan

Or, sorry, you’re a day late, and a dollar short.
I got to thinking today about when things go from Push to Shove, guess the reasons may be many, but are the reasons justifiable; especially in view of life’s more important needs for conversation.
Right now I have some health matters that need conversive attention, not so much with every person in the family, but with those that I hold dear to the heart. So, I told one person that I needed to talk to another person fairly soon, that it was important. The messages were sent, and received, and not acted on for four days, till I called the person, I don’t believe it takes that much to make a phone call; or even on this day, a text of acknowledgement.
People’s lives are busy, I understand, I get it, especially in the family as one person is very pregnant, but the person I was trying to reach is not the pregnant one; so how much time dose it take for a cup of coffee and a little understanding in life.
What I got was, we are waiting for some news of the birth, then we will go and come back; we will talk then! My reply was, okay!
What could I say, going by what the doctors say, the actions of the illness, if the conversation does not happen, then too bad; just don’t denounce me because constructive conversation isn’t that important to the person. A few minutes of conversation will keep a person away from ignorance, ignorance never cares about a topic, ignorance is simply a lack of needed knowledge; but when it comes to life, the lack will cause a regret.
It’s that Push Comes To Shove thing, the biggest question I have to ask is: Why is it so necessary in the lives we all live, that we have such a need to live on that fine line of instability in our communication skills about something that’s concerning life?
For the most part, it’s selfishness, our lives are too busy to concern ourselves with problems that don’t directly afflict our personal lives. It doesn’t matter who the person is that’s having the issue, it’s what’s going on in the days of our lives that matters; family, friends or otherwise.
Brings me to the thought of God, I have heard so many people mention his name on the news, after some sort of atrocity caused by man or nature. It’s hard to tell a believer from a non believer these days, but in times of need; everyone becomes a believer. So what if the storm hit, someone was hurt, you prayed to God, sat there for a minute or two, then you hear a voice: (Yawn) Sorry not today, I was out late last night, with a bunch of angels, it was a wild party with tons of libations; besides a headache, I have this hang nail giving me fits.
Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? Can’t you picture it? Oh, you say it’s not a laughable scenario? That’s okay, I didn’t think it was funny nether, but there are those people in our lives that say tomorrow or not now, and we just know their words are shallow, but what needed saying was important; the person or persons just put us smack dab in the middle of Push to Shove. Sad part is that you’re the obtuse one.
Had a great uncle once, his family was like that, he owned some orange groves in what is now part of the expanse of Los Angeles, his family played the same game, nothing was important to them because it wasn’t part of their day to day lives.
Well, he was going to die, so he knew this prostitute, yes; she became a rich prostitute, orange groves, property and all. Now if I were alive then, all I could say to him would be: More power to ya Uncle. The family did come out of the woodwork, life was cut and dry then, the prostitute won; oh the family had harsh words for him, but hey, they were playing the game . . . weren’t they.
If ya honestly care about the family, then communicate, and don’t love them just at Christmas time. Or you just might understand the working title here, All the fish are frying in someone else’s pan. Don’t blame ya Uncle, nope, don’t blame you one bit.

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That Road

That Road

Here I sit, tired, shy of breath; looking to the crest up yonder.
Nothing but time, God’s time, my time; no matter, the existence of now. No tomorrow, no yesterday, I can’t even question the future; only the fluttering birds keep my attention. Maybe it’s the rock where I’m sitting on, maybe it’s the Rock I should be leaning on; don’t know, all I can do is sit here in my windward thoughts. Lost, in you.
So here I am, on the dusty edge of this dirt road, somehow knowing my direction, no compass to follow; no last stop Texaco map neatly folded in my pocket. But there is a map to follow, deep in my soul, I know the direction, no gizmo or topographical sheet of paper needed.
I see those that didn’t hear me, no longer do their actions bother me; because I’m going home. There’s a cottage, nestled in the heart pines, at the waters edge, I close my eye’s; I can see the light in the windows charm. A warm and tender cottage there, on this road, green pools and auburn breaths of life’s light waiting; distant hands calling, open, guiding.
The distant roads once travelled, the dust settled behind me, the ruts, stumbling block’s; all but memories. A feeling of loss surrounds me, misty in light, not drenching, strange comfort, surpasses the morphine drip; life’s pain subsidies with every step. No drug can give such peace, and yet, the soul remains full.

“I will permit no man… to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.” -Booker Taliaferro Washington, 1856-1915

Is knowledge the birth of wisdom, or are we born with wisdom, is that what déjà vu is, the ‘already seen.’ Have I been on this road before, going the other way in infancy, was I here before; is this road I’m on tempered with the forgiveness and understanding, both I have used well in my life. Does this road lead to a pearlescent light, are the basics of life on this road, do we learn the lessons so simple like building blocks, to build a life with to pull us through till some distant returning. The child’s questioning, why?
The morning sun on the crest, silent hanging in the air, the morning star, oh star light, star bright. Distant white, the wisteria gate, lavender hues, the scent of lilac all pink blue and vivid white; the longing end near, how silent the moment. The whispering dust beneath my feet, hushed in the dawning calm, it’s been decades long past that I was here; no foreboding wind, more an angelic breeze.
Distant now a voiceless word of the past, though the past not forgotten, the faces I take with me, embraced in my heart, is the heart my own shroud of Turin, where my loved ones will always be; the eternal ring of life where my love will be understood and forever seen.
Two visitors, one red, one gray and black, flanked by two well missed companions; the road short, seeing better now the life’s path taken, the blessings I never knew I had yet blessings I used. Hence the understanding of a life lived I would imagine, the understanding and forgiveness given and received, the constant looking, delving deeper into life’s meaning; a tragedy at times, but on other times, tranquil drenching beauty.
Nothing more comforting than the voice from behind me, soft, gentle, soothing. Soft tender hands touching my neck, tension gone, warmth and healing has begun, arms tender holding, words softly touch my ears, my senses Gracefully fill my heart and soul; the nectar so sweetly scented and filling to my life: Good morning Darlin, I love you!
Somehow, in depth of thought and Faith I know, I am not lost, I am not alone; the road I have been on was meant to be . . . That Road…

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature.” – Anne Frank

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