Backroads Traveled (older writings)

Growing Is Hard To Do

Looking at the news today, from Slavery to Those that have Left us in 2014, it seems as though some of the best minds of this country, if not the world, have left us.
The Civil War was fought for a few reasons, one major one was Slavery. Some of the bloodiest battles happened in that war; to free Slaves. Today, Slavery is for politics, yet people are still getting killed because of the color of their skin; WHY?

There is a growing threat to this country, we have a society that is too Willingly (as in Making a Choice,) Oblivious to all that is going on in our society. Any Excuse Will Not Do, people have Chosen Not to See or Understand what is going on around them. From the police state, to wayward politics, to rampant health issues that doctors are so quick to blame on smoking while they over medicate the public. People are becoming the demise, not the cure. When people go to the doctor, are the seeing a doctor? Or are they seeing a PA (physician’s assistant)? Do they talk to someone in charge of a political office, or do they talk to a non caring clerk when they need desperately to get something taken care of? WHY?

Religion vs Faith, people get taken by Religion, they lose respect and dignity by following any of the many Religions, hating Catholicism, hating Baptists, hating and hating and hating, defending this religion over that religion. It’s like, the great religion takeover and discard game, if society runs out of religions; they will build another with a whole new idol set on the stage. Never asking Why.
But Faith is seldom the topic when discussing the runnning away from God, oh I went to this or that church, stay away from that church, and then there is the Church of Scientology. People don’t even know what they are running from half the time, and yet they run. Now in this wayward society that lumps Religion and Faith together like a godless plan, that it is; if there is no God, no heaven, no hell, then what are people running from? WHY?

Speaking the truth about anything to do with humanity these days will alienate you, the reason is that lies are more comforting. Not a very comforting thought, but the thought is generated due to the fact that people wont, by choice, question the life that they are living. Out of fear or laziness matters little, though there has never been a comforting lie that has sustained its comfort for long. Government for the people, by the people, these days, is a lie; people can’t face it so they will not question it. But they will riot, and occupy. None of which will get you the truth, and it’s all okay. WHY?

Television today is two things, one – filled with an absurd overabundance of commercials, cutting into shows and movies, all so that the companies can make more money, so while you buy their product, at home they rob you. Two – by today’s standards it’s just entertainment, but there are murders, rapes, thefts, child and elderly abuse, incestuous topics, abuses of any kind can be seen on television. Not to leave behind the fact that, well; everything is dark, godless, and if not that, it’s filled with disrespect or sexual innuendos. And no one cares, even though the children that hold the future are watching; WHY?

The above is only the tip of the iceberg, mainly because the chipping away at America has gone on for far too long; and all the while, the American public, sat around and did nothing. Oh they would complain to their friends and neighbors, but the public at large would not put forth the effort to seek the truth.
This will not be cleaned up by my generation, as proof, my generation is too capable at following whatever is in front of them like the carrot in front of the old sway backed horse pulling a kart. So, my generation will pass on all the ilk built to future generations; our children.
Will they, the next generation, be able to do the cleaning and restoration of America? It’s dubious, they can’t seem to get the gumption to see the truth, they don’t want to hear the truth because it goes against the grain of what they have been taught; by the past generation. Those that taught them to disregard God and Country, my generation, the boomers. They were the professors, the teachers, with their liberal ideals and fantasies of one world in freedom, peace and love; calling everything coming against their views Orwellian.
To the generation that follows the boomers, it should be asked: What’s going to happen if the Orwellian view is proven right? Are they going to just simply pass the fixing of their country on to their offspring? Will they be able to accept what they are doing, if they simply sit around and do nothing?
With that scenario, the cleaning up and dusting off the Real Constitution, The Bill of Rights, will fall drastically and undeservingly, to the future generations. Undeserving? Such a drastic word, but what will they have done to deserve the right to claim such enduring American documents which would include the Bible and it’s teachings?
They followed, never questioning what was being taught them, never really delving into their country’s history, while their teachers and professors espoused the liberalization and the destruction of their own freedoms. Never questioning the news media’s manipulation of the news to raise up a political faction, if they had, they would know that the party political in its entirety have been bedfellows for at least the past four to five decades.
The harshest part of the undeserving part of this, is that everyone is a part of society, they accept all the ilk, they glorify it, they push it to its success, the ilk of society fills bank accounts and creates jobs; never mind the fact that such tainted actions will in the end, lead to certain destruction of the American freedoms and life/living attributes that should be past on to the future generations.
As a Society, people shun God, yet willingly tolerates an Orwellian outcome in the making; one thing for sure, the Orwellian outcome seen in 1984 makes good money at the box office. But all in all, such teachings, such following, such gullible acceptance, such blindness from a visual society; the unbelievable acceptance of what is happening in America as well as the world, just does not make any human or biblical sense.
Leaving a fragmented and fragile foundation to rebuild on, something to think about; if this current tide cannot be turned.

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