Welcome to Basically Thinking

Welcome to Basically Thinking
Good or Bad, life is filled with both; understanding life is what happens on this site. God willing, if one person is enlightened, then that is a good start to any day; that means the rebuilding of society can begin. Everything on this site is meant to be shared, re-read and understood, and most importantly; it’s meant to spur the health of common sense. The site is independent of popular thought, the site embraces Faith in God and our forgotten historic respect and values to life; and the strength and common decency that was once harbored and valued by the majority of America. This site recognizes the fact, that Good or Bad exist, it’s all human, and the inanimate does not count for much here. So live your day with Love, Respect, and Dignity; and if you don’t want to, then stay home.

1 Response to Welcome to Basically Thinking

  1. dana b says:

    It’s about time someone started talking in realistic terms, somehow it’s like hearing the voice in my head. I know I am tired of the way things are when I go outside, miss the way things used to be, that’s for sure.


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