Three words, GET OVER IT!!!
If you want to blame something or someone for the liberals loss, try this, three names, SOROS, OBAMA, and, CLINTON. But in no way should we forget that the Mainstream Media is also to blame for the loss, however hard that is for society to wrap it’s mind around; it’s nonetheless true.
But ya know, I’ve repeatedly said, We Are What We Accept; these days we have an overwhelming abundance of proof that I am right.
The ugly part, is we have so many people trying to resurrect the past, no, not the surfer days, or the hippie days. We have people trying to scream Slavery by the “Disenfranchised” BLM, and Native Americans saying they want their land back while they plead for support from all races at Standing Rock; sorry, but we’re all fighting for our freedoms now, because we have allowed history to repeat itself. Isn’t that grand, but the truth is, is that Slavery and Indian Wars were a hundred years ago and I wasn’t around then, none of us were. But the liberal Left sure loves to stir things up so that they can move their leftist agenda forward at any cost, talk about recycling tragedies.
As proof, Megan Barth of decided that she was going to get some coffee at the hotel that she was staying in, sitting in the lobby sipping her coffee, watching the sports game on the lobby television; but just generally enjoying some relaxation time before heading home.
Then two liberal minded women started talking to her, one of the women made a comment about her MAGA hat, then threw a drink on Megan Barth; called Megan Barth every name they could think of before security broke up the liberal Left started fiasco.
Now I don’t hold much for violent actions, and I do believe in standing up against such actions if needed. But for what happened to Megan Barth, which she handled well, that should not have happened in a mature world, but we aren’t living in a mature world these days; we are living in a politically “correct” dysfunctional world. A world where two women can toss drinks on a lady, then slander her for wearing a MAGA hat. But look at it this way, the incident involved two American women assaulting an American lady because she doesn’t believe the same as they do.
So much for the liberal Left respecting the First Amendment.
But then you can look at it this way, what happened to Megan Barth was in fact the face of liberalism, she didn’t ask for it, she didn’t entice it, she stood up to the insanity; the same insanity that’s driving the peaceful and violent protest across the country. Is this what liberals are proud of, actions of arrogant dysfunction, sure gives a new meaning to: We Are What We Accept.
The liberals must be accepting of the violence because they aren’t speaking out against the violence, I know Soros, Obama and Clinton aren’t speaking out against the violence, and I know the followers of the liberal Left aren’t speaking out against gainst the violence; least ways not till after the violence is said and done.
But this was over a MAGA hat, a hat, that’s it, a hat.
Today on the news, because of a joking statement, a young man was shot because he said he voted for Donald Trump, he was shot because of a joke; somehow that must be adult humor in action. Over a million dollars worth of damage from riots in Portland Oregon alone, some places probably more, you do the math. And Megan Barth gets attacked by two women that probably look in the mirror every morning while they put their makeup on, saying ‘ I’m a lady, I’m a lady’ in their wishful thinking. Well, it don’t take much to be a woman as you’re born that way, but it takes a lot to be a Lady, and picking fights and throwing drinks on someone because of a MAGA hat, well that just don’t cut it.
Still wonder why the liberals lost?

Click the link below, violence is violence, arrogance is arrogance, and needles attacks are needles attacks, society needs to grow up, believe me; I [CAN] wait for January to come, because I don’t think society will grow up any time soon.

Love Trumps Hate?

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