Negativity, ah yeah, Negativity

Negativity, ah yeah, Negativity….

I woke up this morning with uncertainty, I couldn’t stay up as late as I would have a few years ago before health issues, I wanted to though. When I went bed, the electoral college votes had to be counted, they were saying two more hours, my eyes were saying sleep.
People complained about the mudslinging in this election, it wasn’t mudslinging people were seeing, it was the truth, in this country the media is so one-sided and yes very liberal, and yes they do spin the truth. This country has been so detached from any reality of a respectful vision of [Normal] that the American people have lost their dignity and respect, and; they could have lost their country along with their loss of dignity and respect.
Know that I have never endorsed Donald Trump, but I know that I could never endorse Clinton, never, due to her connection with George Soros, and her criminal background that now has been proven to include the whole family. With Donald Trump there was a glimmer of hope that wasn’t all wrapped up in liberalism, especially the left side of liberalism. If everything is kool, then nothing is kool. The saddest thing of this election, is the fact that the followers of the liberal, and the liberal Left were more than willing to elect someone with such an atrocious history of crime. That’s a real devastating thought, not heart warming at all.
In hind sight it’s like taking the needle away from the junkie, there’s a demented comfort in the dysfunction.
This wasn’t an election based on women, based on race, or based on God, but all those things are a part of the election, and the mainstream media and the liberal Left used those things to the hilt. But the people that gave Donald Trump the Oval Office, they were voting to save their country from war on our soil, a war they knew would be a reality in a Clinton presidency; we will never have a productive and free society in the midst of war. Today, the respective enemies of this country are stepping down from their threats against America; but that does not mean that groups like ISIS is willing to step down as they hate everyone especially Christians.
For once leftist agendas didn’t matter, the country mattered, the Constitution mattered, the silent majority woke up, spoke their minds, and voted accordingly; they took their country back. This was an election for America, a very impressive election indeed, but no more, no longer, in no way should true Americans become silent, be it politics, God, freedom and the Constitution; let no believer in the Spirit of America and the American Way sit silent ever again. America dodged a bullet with this election, sadly there are those that will never know how close we came to losing our country via a war that would be more destructive than the Second World War or Vietnam; and all on this continent.
But that’s the price of ignorance and blind following, and silence, that’s the price of voting for “Change” in a liberal way without understanding the cost of a liberalized “Change” that follows blindly the likes of George Soros.
Now that was a few days ago, and today is today!
Riots, protesters, broken windows in cars as well as buildings, beatings, shootings; all predominantly from the Soros funded liberal Left. The very people that say they want peace and equality, mostly young people that have more of an attachment to a skateboard than they do a stake in the game, in reality they care more about today than they do the future.
So what is the public doing or getting, well on Facebook people who voted for one or the other, they are complaining about all the “Negativity”, so they’re going to close their sites down and become silent faces in the crowd, what did they expect; after all this election was about saving the country, not saving the DNC or the GOP, it was in the simplest of facts, it is all about saving the country, America; from a portion of its own citizenship and government that wants to destroy it.
So, I wrote and posted this, no ‘Likes’, no comments, nothing; it’s now back to business as usual for a portion of the American citizenry, so I didn’t expect anything. Even with the crying and sobbing, the riots, the damage, the time of flag waving is over, see people have lived in a very selective manner, that includes selective meanings and manners of life and living with none of their beliefs getting one hundred percent of their conviction, like ‘I believe in God, when things are going right, after that I blame him for everything.’ Hmm, so, that’s how it works.

You know what’s stupid here is that the media is one sided, companies that courted Trump before this now hate him, all the leftist followers that are all upset, all the silent people that voted for him and now want things to magically have some normalcy dropped off at the door; they don’t want to take the time to understand just what was at stake with the election, now it’s up to people to figure it out on their own. I’m so damn tired of this on/off society, you can ask anyone, even on here, I predicted this day long before Trump really got going, I was told to share feelings about the people running, I didn’t want too. And now, people are leaving Facebook, rioting in the streets, crying, family members mad at family members, friends leaving friends; people really need to check their values, most taught to the public by the Left, check them. This is some pitiful shit people are wallowing in these days, society needs a spanking more than anything, you all have almost lost your country by pushing it closer and closer to dysfunction, and now things are Negative because a portion of this country stood and gave the Left a strong hit, what the hell do people think they’ve been living with through the last two or three decades, more and more voting in of dysfunction. I wish you all success, I’m through, I’ve had my fill of both sides. You can impeach Trump if you wish, shoot up the town, vote Soros in for the grand whiz of America, it doesn’t much matter to me anymore, why? BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MATTER TO YOU……….

See I have always taken life serious, don’t care what others think about society’s vision of Normal, on this day or any day in the past, don’t need popularity or acceptance in order to make my day successful, never did; guess it’s just part of my code of life. Therefore, I don’t need selfies, don’t need my ten minutes of fame, without those parts of society in my life, I have more time to watch and learn from life.
Time is well spent if we learn something, productivity in life comes from our learning. Our learning also reduces the fear we all have for one thing or another, but one thing that I have learned is that Negativity is a part of life. Like today, after and during the election, people have shown their disdain for the Negative aspects of the election and it’s aftermath. But the Negative parts are inherent with the process, like the forces of nature, we can’t avoid them, we can’t run from them; we can only learn from them.
For those people leaving Facebook, MySpace, or any of the other social sites because of the Negativity on those sites, my suggestion would be to try and understand where the Negativity is coming from, who’s creating the Negativity, and what people’s intentions are with the Negativity. Some Negatively really isn’t Negative, it’s actually a glimpse at the truth of a person or in this past election; the candidates. Negativity spurs humanity to learn, to understand what humanity fears, in this case, delving into the Negativity for better understanding, you get to know better who or what you may be voting for.
Don’t be hasty concerning what is considered Negativity, it’s a big word right now, in the days after the election, but there’s another word that’s just as big as Negatively: that’s Hypocrisy, there’s nothing worse than finding out that Hypocrisy was or is a natural part of your candidate, friends or family, and yes, even society. In a very real sense, in reality, with the protest, the damage done all across the country; Hypocrisy is in reality the mother of the grandiose amounts of Negatively that we are seeing.
Negativity and Hypocrisy, look at them as words that are meant to nudge you in the direction of learning more for a better understanding of life.

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