It’s in the Following Nature of Silence

It’s in the Following Nature of Silence

A soul without sin, most people will deny this thought, but a person would have walk far and wide to find one soul without sin in today’s world.
No this is not religion 101 here, this is about hypocrisy amongst the masses, all the conditioning, the following nature of today’s citizens; with that said, it’s a good thought that anyone below the age of forty years of age, on this day of chaotic beliefs and actions; those under forty years of age should reexamine what they have been taught about life.
Why forty and under, simple, anyone forty and over should know better the value of life, sadly they don’t. It’s because of what the citizens have been conditioned into believing, it doesn’t matter who conditioned people of any age, what does matter is how much of an honest independent mind a person has; it’s that independent mind that will save anyone in all aspects of life.
The problem is that in the conditioning, those doing the conditioning, they have replaced honest independent thought with a false security in the following of the majority; with the majority of today’s citizens in view, the majority is in fact stepping off the cliff. The worst and most honest truth is, is that today’s following majority does not care who follows them, family, friends, they don’t care who follows them over the edge.
In relation to today’s world with a handful of countries threatening to push the nuclear button, in this country, we have people wanting to resurrect now age old hostile times, at this point, the two major factors are the Black Lives Matter movement that’s funded by the elite of the liberal Left, and the Native or First Nation Americans, but then add in the Hispanic, Japanese movements concerning their selective atrocities done them in the past. But how many if any of us living today were involved in those atrocities.
Racial pride is one thing that no one should lose, but racial pride is in no way a reason to pick sides, to rage violence against any other race; considering the state this country is in, such actions are foolish. Americans today have a hard time wrapping their minds around all the fronts of the Second World War, but they are about ready to learn; because as the nation crumbles, we that see through the societal conditioning are witnessing racial wars looming on the home front.
The racial uprisings of today are for the most part an elitist nurtured distraction, the real conflict in the end will be between all races of the citizenship against the government and political entities that has spent the better part of a century conditioning it’s inhabitants to believe in the Leftist takeover mentalities, no blame can be placed on the conditioned, unless they accept the conditioning as truth without the trying to understand what or who they are following; in this case George Soros and those that side with him, the superiors of the liberal Left.
What you follow is what makes you, you! But as lowly citizens, logic dictates everyone, no matter how rich, no matter the race or gender, no matter the beliefs in God or man; every citizen is expendable for the liberal Left elite to achieve their demented goals of dominance.
I was told, that if someone wanted to learn about God, that the person would allow the learning to happen, but see as Hitler knew, God has to be taken out of the equation; Hitler knew that he had to become the god in order for people to follow him blindly, without question; the same as today. So the question will be, who will teach any offspring about God if the people no longer know or believe in God via their conditioning? No, we’re still not in religion 101, but Faith is involved.
See you remove God from life, meaning humanity, then you have an open door for chaos, it’s hard for some to understand, but it’s true. Equate the thought to Friday night at the bar, God’s not thought of in the bar, right. Fights, hook-ups, gambling, parking lot rapes, and muggings; all in a place where God is not thought to be important.
Take those same scenarios, convert them over to invasions of your country, tyranny within your country as well as its government, is it any wonder that God has been vanquished from society since the late 1960’s, by the very people that state they want change while fervently try to abolish the Constitutional Rights of every American citizen. The followers have been conditioned to believe that they’re doing good, they’re making a change for the better, but they never question who they’re following.
A soul without sin, from the teenager to the senior citizens, if life is not understood or taken seriously, in this country or abroad, if governments are not curtailed according to our Constitution, if our rights are ignored and our Constitution is taken for granted, if our voices are not raised and heard in defense of the country; then the sins of the final outcome are ours.
In an honest essence of the truth of life, silence, a following nature, they are as deadly as the chaos of any war. In that thought, from the Revolutionary War on, is the meaning of In God We Trust, it is the meaning and purpose of the American Constitution, it is in the meaning of all that is taken for granted or abused will be lost; leaving all sins on the shoulders of all humanity for their choice to live in the false bliss of ignorance.
How did America get to the drastic position of peril it finds itself in today, look no further than the following nature of . . . Silence….

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