20/25 The Reason

My post to WordPress titled 20/25 is due to the fact that the Silent Majority, or just people in general choose not to look at what’s happening in this political year; and for whatever their reasoning, the reasons are their own.
But this is one very important political year, one that this nation has not seen since the Civil War, before then; it was the birth of this nation during the Revolutionary War. In both wars, the nation was equally divided; not at all unlike the nation is divided today.
The actions of the Left will run headlong into the Right if things don’t change quickly, this is not a political year for Flower Children, Misfits, and Followers of Leftist Mentalities that for the most part, have always been uncertain while they push for a “Change” without understanding the outcome.
This is America, in spite of the past, all the wrongs done, it’s important to know; the unnecessary rehashing of anything attached to past or bigoted issues is filtered in from the Left, and some form the fence sitting Right.
From bigotry on, issue wise, they’re all meant to separate the nation; pitting one side against the other. In case no one understands, the method is working; the very gist with 20/25. That’s what prompted the post, besides the fact of who in my friend base posted the original post with its content; but Facebook is filled with verbiage that just doesn’t need to be. It’s also filled with more Socialist mantras and manners that are just seeking followers that are more willing to accept and follow than to understand what their acceptance will give their grandchildren in the end.
Start looking at the future through your great grandchildren’s eyes, do so with dignity and respect, and do so with knowledge and understanding. Following is easy, living with guilt is hard, and rebuilding is often times impossible.


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