I respect everyone’s views, but not everyone is like me and I understand that, but they still get respct. So, I responded to a post on Facebook without vulgarity and got arrogance back, what follows is a reply, it’s just not going to be on Facebook, doesn’t need to be on there, but the link will be. The one thing that got me the most was the content of the post, by so many it’s considered vulgarity for which I strive to stay away from, by me or in post from others that I share, so they now will get somewhat the same in return, hey if it’s good enough for the goose it’s good enough for the gander.
But don’t look at this writing so much as blunt and to the point, look at it more as a mirror of the liberal Left and how their manners should have been handled before they became the arrogant party that they are; because some people on the Conservative side, aren’t afraid to tell the liberal Left what they think of their actions. They will even use the liberal Lefts methods to drive home the point, again, I just don’t believe vulgarity is needed, even though in this writing; the liberal Left is getting what they give. But it should be known, it takes a lot to get my hackles up.
This isn’t me though, I would rather write about Fall mornings and Spring sunsets, but sometimes even I have to step out of the box when pushed, and on Facebook it’s easy to find that the site is more liberal Left than even Center could ever wish to be, so goes the logic of the Gee Lets Keep the Loved Ones Connected Site, where love comes down to a Like button and a Smiley face.

The reply:

Liberals are so good at denouncing my views without understanding, and with such vulgarity as they have tried to degrade my views, thus my dignity in my views as I try hard to live with respect to everyone; including those that don’t think like me. So excuse me if I don’t use my usual decorum of respect here.
So let’s start, people love their bumper stickers. COEXIST my ass, people these days don’t care to COEXIST, not by the replies I get, all accusatory, painting me as the enemy, if we are all Americans, where is the respect in their actions, I can’t deny those replies that come from the liberals on the Left exist. And vulgar in the verbiage they use, while they tell me to die or leave. Isn’t that special, but the liberal Left Supports that vulgarity, want proof, look at the occupiers that showed no respect for personal or public property with their urination, pot smoking in public before it was even in any form legal, and all the vandalism; but the liberal Left thought the Occupiers were the warriors of the day. Some paid for by the liberal Left, some just followers, but praised all the same. They support the destruction and want the Conservative Right to die or leave, just where would that leave America, in that respect; how long would the country last if the liberal Left got their wish.
How about a post entitled: 25 Logical reasons to vote for Donald Trump. You tap on it and the post instantly goes into a quandary of stupidity ending with: “SORRY we’re Fucking Stumped. Check back soon” Thats supposed to be funny, by the supposed mature liberal Left? But yet with vulgarity and accusatory actions the liberal Left followers attack the Conservative Right for respectfully speaking what they believe, well just for the record for the non thinking liberal Left, never once have I endorsed Donald Trump, and never once have I attacked the liberal Left with vulgarity or worse by telling them to eat shit and bark at the moon till they die from some parasitic infection.
While we are at it, let’s talk about God, remember God? Biblical teaching is at the heart of not only this country, but with the very Constitution of America that the liberal Left constantly attacks calling the Constitution Irrelevant, which is in essence calling everyone’s American heritage Irrelevant. If anything, the liberal Left should do the country a favor by doing what they say, leave the country if Donald Trump is elected, but leave their share to the First Nation, the Native Americans as they deserve the attention above any race here on this continent. No one ever hears about Native American history month do they.
See God no longer matters, not even to the “Christian” liberal Left, they’re so afraid of offending that they are willing to put God at the back of the American bus, stripping away his name from all that America and the Constitution stands for, all because they don’t want to offend?
Don’t want to offend who, the likes of ISIS, the “Christian liberal Left” is willing to turn their back on God, teach the young Americans more godless ways of living over what should be taught for which the Faith in the Bible so richly tries to teach. The Biblical teachings are not about religion, religion is man’s plight, it’s about Faith, this is why I detest religion, no one is on this earth because of religion, they’re here because of God, half this country has forgotten the blessings they were born with by being born in America, but the half that loves following the liberal Left had better get their act together before they lose what they have.
Mainly because if the liberal Left wins, sooner or later they won’t have the Right to Speak, the Right to Defend, the Right to Worship the God the “Christian liberal Left” says they believe in on Sunday morning, then through their following manners shuns and tucks away into exile that same God on Monday morning; people, that’s just plain hypocritical based Sacrilege.
And Bigotry, what a bunch of balderdash, some simpleton is going to call this writing Bigoted, because I don’t subscribe to the stigmas of the day like BLM and BLM, for those not in the know, that’s Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter; get it right, EVERY Life Matters, read the Ten Commandments that even the Non Believers say they believe in. What a slap to the Face and Heart of God and the rest of the Bible, all because people are too lazy to read and understand the Bible in their following of the liberal Left, but then through their very own actions and belief system; God and the Bible are as irrelevant as this country’s Constitution.
Want proof of that, look at the push to remove crosses on hillsides and on or in other more public areas because they are too offensive, yes, the liberal Left. They don’t care that their actions are offensive to true American Christians, but no, they don’t want to offend the terrorist in hiding that know full well that this country and it’s Founding Documents were based on God and the Bible. Now the liberal Left is attacking Ground 0, and terrorist, they smell the weakness and gullibility of the liberal Left, and terrorist love the smell of weakness.
But keep edging closer and closer to the Socialization of America, and you will find that no lives matter, nor will God matter, the Bible will be discarded, Faith in God will be the government’s way to imprison citizens; all because of a spineless following society, but the backbone of society was weakened by the liberal Left over the past few decades and no one said a damn thing. But think of asking yourselves this oh wise and all knowing liberal Left, what do you really know about the outcome of which you are blindly following, you know, after you see the elite show their thorny faces; you liberalized minions know damn well you can’t answer the question with logic, but you’re willing to blindly follow while you piss all over your freedoms.
Marijuana, smoke a bowl of the wacky weed because your new America is so depressing, but then society has been subscribing more and more to the liberal Left, and they still don’t get it, they are their worst enemy. All the Homeless, can’t create substantial jobs in this country, so let’s feed more into the Homeless of the country by creating four hundred room Homeless Shelters, on top of the already struggling taxpayers dollar.
Society is riddled with junkies, misfits, thieves, and society is going to offer up Walled and Roofed Homeless Camps because they don’t want to create a sustainable economy and a long lasting thriving economic future. While I was asked about proving the truth of the Clinton Chronicles, here’s one, show me the percentage of America that actually needs Medical Marijuana, that was a followers vote, comprehend that fact, the liberal Left and gullible believers simply legalized recreational pot; that vote does not equate to sustainable jobs and economic growth.
The moral compass and face of America is so broken.
But what should a person expect from a society that can’t tell the difference between a Deadly government funded Chemtrail operation and a Contrail, and a society that won’t even take the time to understand Chemtrails while the Save The World Greenies applaud them; because someone told them the crisscross lines are to cure Global fricken Warming.
Proof, when it comes to proof when speaking about the Clinton atrocities, why won’t the liberal Left open their eyes to the world they are building because they would rather follow a political correct party than to open their eyes, and minds, to what they see when they drive through major towns, people sleeping on the street’s, more useless laws enacted, people working two or three jobs to get by; the followers of the liberal Left must believe in Selective Vision, don’t look at it Son it won’t bother you then. Sighted Blindness won’t make it all go away, not in a month of Sunday’s will it go away, for decades the liberal Left and their minions have been building what we see today, it’s going to take decades to clean up America due to society’s Sighted Blindness where the idiom Ignorance is Bliss is the followers mantra.
Emails, 22 million lost by The Bush administration was a reply to the only reply I gave to the “questionable” original post. So what, I haven’t had much use for the Bush’s for which the 22 million lost emails weren’t designated as to which Bush lost them, so be it, that’s the way the logic works these days, illogical over half the time; but to be honest, I would have to go back to Ronald Reagan to find a president that I was half way satisfied with, no, not Carter, nice guy but not one I would like. But the Clinton’s, nah, I turned Republican when the liberal Left’s dream president had sex in the oval office, then to watch his wife and inner circle lie while they covered it up, now if I can’t expect more from my president then that, well; kiss my rosy red ass, that’s not what that office is for.
But I find it very disappointing that the liberal Left and many Americans can write off the exploits of one Clinton’s wrongs while blindly accepting another Clinton’s wrongs as “Normal” for a possible eight more years to continue Obama’s more than questionable legacy as president.
This society is in trouble, no matter which way you cut it, nothing’s going to change for the better till people wake up, regain their moral compass from wherever it was that they left it, and start believing again that America is worth far more than the politically correct or the liberal Left and their push towards something so close to communistic atrocities that so many lives have been lost fighting against that you can taste it’s evil salivating glands. But then they don’t want to offend do they.
As far as the person that wants me to prove that the Clinton Chronicles is true, the future is yours you prig, you prove that the information in the Clinton Chronicles is wrong then publish your own findings but be prepared to eat some crow. But in real thought prove it to your grandchildren, they will be the ones that will be most affected by your blind Faith in corrupted officials that you so willingly follow and vote for, and pimp like candy in your lazy arrogant actions.
But remember this, most of the criminal elements from mobsters on through history, some of their deeds haven’t been proven true, but that won’t ever make their unproven actions morally right and the liberal Left puts it’s Faith in the same coruption, how can that reinforce the public’s Constitutional longevity and Rights.
I’m tired of this political year, I’m tired of the people that swallow political correctness hook line and sinker, then with arrogance and vulgarity denounce Conservative Republicans in fight picking manners because the Conservative Republicans refuse to follow the liberal Left and their political correctness. It’s sad, this writing is still tamer than the attacks I’ve gotten for utilizing my Constitutional Rights, yeah, from the liberal Left, but then I guess that is proof of one thing; without the Constitution, we can’t speak out against any form of corruption foreign or domestic without being accosted.
Another thing that must be remembered and understood, is that any country that condones or allows any local, state, and national government to be run by corrupt politicians is a sign of a society that’s failing. In a country that clearly states that we have a Government For The People By The People, looking at the face of unemployment, the crime, the Homeless, the Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, the disrespect of God’s presence, and the disrespect for the Constitution and the Rights of every American that our Forefathers left in our care for our grandchildren; right now, at this point with the forgotten terrorist atrocities across this land in the last fifteen years, Americans are failing. We can choose now to stand and defend the Constitution and America Under God, or become like the liberal Left and simply follow in Sighted Blindness.
Look, it doesn’t come down to which side is better than the other, the American people have to get that through their thick head, one side against the other amounts to the beginning or the end of conflict and chaos. Right now, government and citizenship as they are both the same, they both have really no clue what Normal Life looks like anymore, in other words, the government has as many assorted junkies as the public streets have. If the public does not remove their perspective heads from their perspective ass’s, they may never see true normal again, and to be honest; baby-boomers should be flat out ashamed for pissing all over the very American freedoms they grew up with, and that allowed them as well as the general public to become so entrenched in the greed and pestilence they feel is so much worth Following and defending without understanding what lays ahead for their own grandchildren.
I am truly ashamed of what my generation has become, but don’t look for an apology from me, because I spoke out against the actions through the years, and was called the fool for not following such destructive mindsets as the Free Love/Peace and Love generation wanted everyone to follow. The years to come will prove the outcome, hope everyone’s ready.
Excuse me, but right now, the Sonny and Cher classic show just came on, I just gotta turn that woman off. Oops, sorry, I know she’s a darling of the liberal Left, too bad so sad, be glad when she moves out of the country though.

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