This Side of Heaven

This Side of Heaven

Hitting the bookmarks of my life, we’ve all got bookmarks, some good, some not so good; but we’ve all got bookmarks in our lives.
Riding big waves, the thrill and lessons learned, a prominent part of my life, till the day I take that path; surfing will be in my blood.
Before I could legally drive, a friend had a then new Corvette Stingray, I felt for the first time the feeling of Kooldom from riding in a 1964 Teardrop Corvette; what a feeling.
Having some fast cars that few take serious today, or even appreciate. Cars that were sleepers, that were meant for the boulevard, even some that were meant for the mud; all were enjoyable.
Building things with my own two hands, lessons of life some, pure enjoyment others, learning curves all; accomplishments and gratification with every nail, screw or weld.
Having a love for worthwhile music, from Grandpa’s old tube radio, to a 9volt transistor radio, good music was in my blood. From my Strat to my Les Paul, music, playing or listening while turning a wrench or relaxing before falling to sleep; music has served my soul well.
Having the ability to enjoy deep thoughtful conversation, my world opened up when my conversation went from idle school boy chatter to conversations that had depth; a stirring of the soul, an enchanting ride to the brink of wisdom. Society is so bereft of deep conversation these days, a loss so unknowingly ill afforded in the future; but without understanding life’s need for honest conversation; how will anyone know their loss.
Having the ability to have peace in my life, and knowing that I can and have to protect the peace I have, knowing it’s the good I put in my life that has kept at bay the parts of life that consumes my peace; the good in life is worth protecting when so many disregard another man’s peaceful life.
Living a life addiction free from drugs and alcohol kept me more alert to life, I cherish more of my life than some do theirs, the remembering is deep, the good in my life prominent, many times the memories are the pillow I rest my head on.
All those things are good, I have enjoyed them all and more, but there are those parts of life that put the above in the shadows.
My daughter’s, when they were born, my life changed, I knew the meaning of love before, but their birth brought my belief in an honest love given or received to a whole new perspective. No matter what they saw or understand about the love I have fore them; I can guarantee that it’s more than they may ever know or understand this side of heaven.
My love for them is unconditional, agape, it’s theirs and only theirs, not till the day I pass, but beyond; it’s eternal. My love for them is undeniable, irreversible, unchangeable. They can treat me like an old discarded brick all chipped and covered with crumbling cement, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference, my Love from the day they we’re born was cast in stone.
Nancy, the love of my life, God works in such mysterious ways, no one knows his reasoning, and less today care to even understand his reasoning; nonetheless his reasoning should be pondered. Two people brought together for reasons only he could explain, maybe it’s for our eternal well-being, maybe it’s for the love we needed or shared together, to assist or help in our own understanding of love and of life. Grateful, you bet I am, untradeable, undeniable, my home will always be where my heart resides. For what is forgotten on earth will be forgotten in heaven, for which I must add, for what’s remembered on earth will be remembered in heaven; for which includes those one day left behind.
Pets like Ebony, J.J., and Angel, four legged companion’s, how they teach us loyalty, understanding, unconditional love, companionship; how as much as a goldfish can change a life for the better. In youth, they teach us love, we understand life’s truths from their births to their passing, we learn from their acceptance of who we are, and our calm is strengthened by their own obstinate behavior.
And most recent, lil Edmund, a gift from heaven yes, to another gift from heaven my daughter and her husband, the grand circle of life expands by one more soul with pulsating heart and inquisitive mind. Children, the blessings of life and hope reside in the hearts of children, born of innocence, gathers of knowledge, only the adults of this world can sway them from the betterment they can achieve, the faith they could understand and obtain; all that is theirs, for the betterment of life to have and to hold. Children, they are the gift of life for the betterment of life, they are the reminders of all that is good in life, and all that we adults have forgotten of life, love, and an eagerness to learn.
These are some of the parts of my life that makes me smile, even on my worst day, this side of heaven while holding onto the good in my life; these are the parts I hold dear from now till eternity end.

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