240 Years

240 years

The following is a reply I posted on Facebook, what I got for a retort was changed by the author pounding instead on Donald Trump, guess better him than me. But, my post was more in defence of America over any candidate.
[Don’t mean to intrude on a conversation. But there are two things to remember here, our Forefathers were the dissidents or outsiders of their day, and look what they left us. And since the 1960’s, in the decades since, the American public has lost the common independence that our Constitution dictates we Americans have rightfully, a gift again by our Forefathers. But we have lost so much of the “Great” by the dumbing down of Americans over the last few decades, society has brought on its own ignorance and failing due to a new age following nature, a nature of ilk over say respectability, sad and shameful on the citizens part. If we lose our rights, our economy, our country, it will be due to our own lack of respect that’s due the very nature of being born in a country who’s Constitution gives every citizen the right retain or lose what they have. Respect is a big word, people today are so unaware of how “Great” America once was, if they’re aware, then they are feeling voiceless and frightened speak out. To me the most frightening time will come, when the Mediocre Following Minds win, at that point, everyone, Everyone will get the point I’m trying to make here.

Great, the word, is in quotation marks for a reason, the word Great comes from past strength in the wars we won, but Vietnam was a political war, no greatness there. Wars on our soil, the Civil War, Indian wars, no greatness in those wars, if they weren’t political they were over land, or control of a population of people; again, no greatness there.
My comment did not include any of the current crop of social issues, Black Lives Matter, Gay Rights, or the politicians and their backgrounds criminal or otherwise; no matter how the human mind may connect the issues.
The post took the country and its plight to the forefront of the frey, showing what has happened to the country and where we could well be heading the citizenship should not stop following, a message waisted on someone that can not see that they are a part of the problem; made visible by their accusatory arrogance and anger.
Did I reply, no, it wasn’t worth my time, something’s can’t be explained, they have to be lived. Guess, time will tell.
Have a safe and happy Independence Day, on the 4th…

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