If Life Could Be That Simple

If Life Could Be That Simple

Peaceful lifestyles, not the hippie kind, such lifestyles are often misunderstood, like the peaceful person doesn’t care, or won’t fight back; the peaceful life is never free, it comes with a high price, it’s worth defending. And sometimes, violence is often a part of that defending of a peaceful life; war should be teaching us that.
A man was interrogated in his home country because he converted to Christianity. The police snatched him right off the street, threw him in jail, and deliberately brow beat him for days because he walked away from a faulty religion. Yes the same religion that’s feeding the terrorist, and in this country, there’s a movement by the politically correct to denounce God, because they don’t want to offend anyone; I guess any reason will do in the world of political correctness.
Maybe it’s time to create the likes of The Political Incorrect Police, to show more blatantly the other side of life’s coin, less the violence; in a day to day living breathing reality, we just can’t keep going on like this. In a country founded on God’s principles, it’s not only dangerous; it’s sacrilege. Sacrilege, even though everyone no matter their view of this country, or how they ignorantly try to distort the true American values because of Politically Correct beliefs; people still want the values that were built on the beliefs in God that so many say that they dislike; yes, destroy the cake then say you’re still hungry, what a mentality.
Sometimes the protective walls are inexpensive to build and stand invisible, it’s time we build such a wall, but it’s in the maturity of the citizenry to build the wall, the first step would be to stop following the politically correct; we made people wealthy as a society in the blind following, but it’s the power that they have received along with the wealth that should be placing fear in society. The Clinton’s alone are proof of that, blind following won’t open the pages of the Clinton Chronicles, or open the eyes and ears to the Clinton’s criminal activities through the years.
We all want a peaceful life, but the citizenry loves their blinders, as long as someone else does the thinking and defending, everything is good; in reality, that’s bad money being spent to buy faulty peace. It’s like putting a criminal in charge of the bank, but when you try to withdraw the money from your account, you find out that you’re broke. Bad money, but where’s the stopping point, is it with this generation, or is it with the next generation, or the next and the next; all because we put blindness and complacency above morality, Faith and common sense.
If Life Could be that simple?
If we want life to be that “Simple” then why do we allow political correctness, popularity, and deceit to rule our attainment of a simple peaceful life. Because it’s easier to stand for nothing when someone else will do the standing up for us, that will get us nowhere fast. Shallow paths will never get us over the mountains when the same shallow paths can’t get us over the hills. But then strength and dignified stature now days relates little to a peaceful life, I wonder what our Forefathers would say considering that thought, if they were walking their beloved country today. One of the question’s that may come to their mind is: Why did we even try to to build a free country, why did all our countrymen die, for what reason did we consider taking the steps we took; so that it could all be simply given away via lazy non patriotic manners of living? And these new citizens want a peaceful life? Do they understand all that they have done, and where they are headed?
Me personally, if I were one of our Forefathers, or one of those that fought or died for the freedoms and liberation from the British empire of old; I would be disgusted with the condition of our country, equally so with our presidential candidates. More so with the fact that one has the standing that she has, her standing proves one thing, society cares more for political correctness than they do it’s own moral compass; society is on the wrong path if they are seeking a peaceful life.
If Life Could be that Simple? We would not have let this country get to the condition it’s currently in, not in the first place. But then like anything, letting something fall to decay is in itself a simple act; just do nothing. So be careful of what you ignore or wish for, you might just get what you ask for; good or bad. One thing will be sure, your life will have been simple alright, yep; not a thought given, or a finger lifted.

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