All The Fish Are Frying In Someone Else’s Pan

All the fish are frying in someone else’s pan

Or, sorry, you’re a day late, and a dollar short.
I got to thinking today about when things go from Push to Shove, guess the reasons may be many, but are the reasons justifiable; especially in view of life’s more important needs for conversation.
Right now I have some health matters that need conversive attention, not so much with every person in the family, but with those that I hold dear to the heart. So, I told one person that I needed to talk to another person fairly soon, that it was important. The messages were sent, and received, and not acted on for four days, till I called the person, I don’t believe it takes that much to make a phone call; or even on this day, a text of acknowledgement.
People’s lives are busy, I understand, I get it, especially in the family as one person is very pregnant, but the person I was trying to reach is not the pregnant one; so how much time dose it take for a cup of coffee and a little understanding in life.
What I got was, we are waiting for some news of the birth, then we will go and come back; we will talk then! My reply was, okay!
What could I say, going by what the doctors say, the actions of the illness, if the conversation does not happen, then too bad; just don’t denounce me because constructive conversation isn’t that important to the person. A few minutes of conversation will keep a person away from ignorance, ignorance never cares about a topic, ignorance is simply a lack of needed knowledge; but when it comes to life, the lack will cause a regret.
It’s that Push Comes To Shove thing, the biggest question I have to ask is: Why is it so necessary in the lives we all live, that we have such a need to live on that fine line of instability in our communication skills about something that’s concerning life?
For the most part, it’s selfishness, our lives are too busy to concern ourselves with problems that don’t directly afflict our personal lives. It doesn’t matter who the person is that’s having the issue, it’s what’s going on in the days of our lives that matters; family, friends or otherwise.
Brings me to the thought of God, I have heard so many people mention his name on the news, after some sort of atrocity caused by man or nature. It’s hard to tell a believer from a non believer these days, but in times of need; everyone becomes a believer. So what if the storm hit, someone was hurt, you prayed to God, sat there for a minute or two, then you hear a voice: (Yawn) Sorry not today, I was out late last night, with a bunch of angels, it was a wild party with tons of libations; besides a headache, I have this hang nail giving me fits.
Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? Can’t you picture it? Oh, you say it’s not a laughable scenario? That’s okay, I didn’t think it was funny nether, but there are those people in our lives that say tomorrow or not now, and we just know their words are shallow, but what needed saying was important; the person or persons just put us smack dab in the middle of Push to Shove. Sad part is that you’re the obtuse one.
Had a great uncle once, his family was like that, he owned some orange groves in what is now part of the expanse of Los Angeles, his family played the same game, nothing was important to them because it wasn’t part of their day to day lives.
Well, he was going to die, so he knew this prostitute, yes; she became a rich prostitute, orange groves, property and all. Now if I were alive then, all I could say to him would be: More power to ya Uncle. The family did come out of the woodwork, life was cut and dry then, the prostitute won; oh the family had harsh words for him, but hey, they were playing the game . . . weren’t they.
If ya honestly care about the family, then communicate, and don’t love them just at Christmas time. Or you just might understand the working title here, All the fish are frying in someone else’s pan. Don’t blame ya Uncle, nope, don’t blame you one bit.

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