Wanna Change the World, It Comes Down to Respect of Family…

Wanna Change the World, It Comes Down to Respect of Family…

Just for a better understanding, I went to Twitter and typed in a few things:
Family Values
Family Love
And many other inquiries on the subject, but for some reason, everything I saw, was wrapped up more in the societal factors of life; than a true depth of thought on the subject. How to date or how to pick up women or men, what to buy or what to wear. Then there’s abortion, and STD’s. Oh and which political party is the most honest, or the best. But little did I find that would tap the very heartbeat of life, unless the author was discussing the purity of a 1969 Chevy SS Camaro.
I soon came away with one conclusion, and that is that societal matters and manners are more important than true family values.
I also came away with the burning question: What happened to a dignified upbringing within the family? I feel almost lost in my thoughts, is the portrait of the family now lost somewhere in the depths of society? Are society, and family, now days one in the same? Like we are all lost in the confines of an episode of Two And A Half Men, all of us being taught the lessons of life by a drunken womanizing uncle.
God forbid, I sure hope not!
But then most everything lost in life, is most often lost due to a loss of respect. Lose respect for family, society will soon crumble in its following.
Is the broken family, has the broken bits and pieces of family nurtured the end to human thought, leaving destructive manners in and out of the family? What happened to inner strength in our seeking the betterment of life? Has humanity, or better yet the question should be; has society become the parent’s to our children?
True understanding of family has got to be more important than turning on the television and then emulating what young family members see in any given television show or movie; because they will get older and more involved in what they see portrayed as a functional way of life; without guidance, will they just simply accept what they believe to be “Normal” when it’s not by any means Normal?
Without question, if the above is true, it’s understandable why God, and depth of Faith is floundering in society, it’s because society is teaching the youth of our country all the lacking values of life; society has never been a good teacher of moral conduct or compass.
Any news station, anywhere USA bleeds the truth of what society has become all over the television screen daily, it’s as if this society’s disrespect and lacking life knowledge has one important mission; and that is to strip away common decency, morality, and our own peace and comfort in the lives that we live.
Daily, we see crimes ranging from misdemeanor’s to felonies amongst all age groups, in a dumbed down society; where does anyone think we are headed or where society will fall in the end?
The ones that suffer the most are those that truly respect the better manners of both society and family, that’s a given, but a disrespected given; life being as short as it is, losing the betterment of life could be understood as gone forever in the lives we live here on this earth, is that what everybody wants? Are we as a human race in the life experience that gullible now to really accept and believe that what we are seeing is “Normal”?

“We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life.” -Dr. Robert Moorehead, 1937-?

When will the time ever come in this day in age, that true understanding and honest conversation will be reinstated and reinforced in the lifeblood of the American family, where the youth are taught right from wrong, good from bad; where family values and manners reinstall the needed dignity in societal actions and manners?
I’m not pushing, I’m asking; I’m simply asking.

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