Words Are Mirrors

Words Are Mirrors

Was called a Loser today, made me laugh at the arrogance of the person, the person must be wrapped up in the political year; but the future has a way of showing us all the truth, as in what we ignore and so on. Me being the Loser, what if I’m right, what if the person was wrong today, and in the future they didn’t like what they found in the aftermath of what they ignored or followed.
Don’t bother me any, people are people, they can call me a Loser all day long if they wish, but at the end of any person’s day, it’s still their own faces they see in the mirror at night while they brush their teeth; yep, the same face they will see in the morning. And in every wrinkled brow, will be every mistaken thought or action they have made.
I know I’m not a Loser, but then I try to be more aware, never have found following or imitation of popularity something I wanted in my life; always asking questions and seeking answers to what interests me, or in what surrounds me. Being part of the crowd never seemed all that logical to me, it was as if the being part of any crowd was like embracing the stagnation of thought; in other words, “Being one of them” was not something that ever enticed me.
Owned Street Rods and Choppers, but joining clubs didn’t get it, it’s in the joining of clubs where the warmth of what I’m riding or driving ends, due to people’s actions. The same with politics, mostly politicians and society, I don’t join well in that arena as I value America, freedom, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the emulation of any politician has to come from our Forefathers; if it doesn’t, well they don’t get my vote.
But on this current day in time, with politicians doing what their doing, oh yeah it’s a reflection alright. It’s in the name calling where all politicians are getting further away from my respect for them, they really do need to be more presidential to suit me; after all, one of them is going to be running the country.
It’s as if they’re running for the Dysfunctional Vote at times, the Childish Vote. As a Loser, it amazes me how any Clinton can be taken seriously as pro Constitution, or pro American, say above; their track record that is so checkered. The reason, society’s denial of history, most of all, society’s disrespect of history; even their own history. Face it, if Al Capone ran for president today, he’d get votes.
Sanders, he’s blatant about who he is, and that is a Socialist. But people constantly write Socialism off easily, as if socialism comes in degrees just because we’re seeing him run here in America, there is no level one two or three in socialism; it’s Socialism pure and simple. Now with the news, anyone can see where Sanders and his socialization views will take this country, look at the countries that are floundering now; they thought Socialism was a good thing at one time. And, look at the countries that are trying to break away from the European Union, a Socialist front, but now people are seeing the European Union for what it is; but the European Union has a good grasp on the countries they’re involved in. With the eye opening historic understanding of Socialist views and the control they wish for, as opposed to something opposite of American birthrights, allowing socialism to get a grasp on this country could be debilitating for decades to come.
And Mr Trump, his name calling is getting boring, Crooked Hilary, everyone knows that she’s as crooked as a dog’s hind legs, but through societal blindness; people accept her as good. Acceptance and ignorance often go hand in hand, they both come down to making choices of one or the other. But so does the name calling, it comes down to a choice, to act presidential; or not. Society’s role in the name calling is to familiarize themselves with the person getting called the name, repetition in the use of the name will never be as important as would be the understanding better the background of the person that gets tagged with a name.
But then I have been telling people for years to read the Clinton Chronicles, don’t know if anyone reads them or not, if they did, Hillary wouldn’t be running for office, and Bill wouldn’t be getting another four years in the White House if she gets elected to office. Most likely, the Clinton’s would have been in jail, if people understood better the people they vote for; their careers as politicians would have ended years ago.
While the name calling may be childish, teenage-ish at best, the motion the words contain, the words manipulate the path of the listener, for or against the candidate; making the thought of being more presidential a more logical thought if presented honestly. But honesty in politics is hard to find these days, better yet; honest hasn’t been seen in politics for the last few decades. But yet society is compliant with name calling, even when they know better; these days its hard to see where America’s moral compass will take us when it no longer points north. Just can’t legislate dignity.
Words are a reflection of the person, if I were truly a Loser as the guy said I was, I would have fought back with more name calling, instead I left him with a thought: The future will tell on both won’t it, careful with the word loser, it can be a mirror at times.
I didn’t get a reply, but then I didn’t expect one, nor did I wait, because life goes on; arguing with name callers is futile.

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