Truth is Bad Mouthing?

Truth is Bad Mouthing?
Don’t think so!!!

The Truth offers two things, understanding, and an opportunity to get over it; whatever ‘it’ is.
In family issues the truth is often avoided, manipulated away from young ears, the truth of family history, as well as the child’s history fall often into neglect of the truth. Then when the truth comes to light, everything is more questionable than understood; the time when people get hurt.
Truth: So many things left unsaid!
What’s pitiful, is that there is always time for conversation and understanding, if we take the time. To think most people would rather wait till someone dies before asking any questions.
Truth: The regrets I carry are such a burden, wish I would have dealt with them a long time ago.
Regrets belong to no one but the person that holds on to them, can’t run from regrets, in the end the regrets will be right there with any of us till we deal with them.
Truth: I’d like to know more about…
How did Grandpa make this or that, how did Grandma cook this or that. The time to ask is now, no matter the question, the time is now; not tomorrow. The answers may never come if you don’t ask now, life waits for no one; even if you live in the fast lane, you lolly gag for a second and life will pass you by. But, the fast lane, that’s a good lane to be in; if you want life to pass you by.
Truth: Only the selfish get offended without understanding.
When looking for family history, it’s important to take the ‘Self’ out of the equation, some parts of the topic may be harsh, the history includes not only you, but others; some truths of others you may not like, but those truths should be heard nonetheless.
Truth: Defending what you don’t understand can hurt when honesty appears, and there is no way of rekindling a relationship.
No one is perfect, that’s the way life is, that’s why everyone should be striving for better in our lives. Divorce is one part of life that can knowingly or unknowingly manipulate someone’s history, too many people talking about what they don’t know, or only hearing one side of the story. Not listening to your own life story, from those involved is like getting a pack of Hostess Cupcakes; and finding there’s only one cupcake inside.
Truth: If you believe your a grown up, then show it.
Listen, if someone is willing to talk about what you want to know, then respectfully listen to them, after the conversation; that’s the time for pondering what you were told.
Truth: Anger gets you nowhere, understanding gets you somewhere.
Time wasted creates room for anger, simply by the fact that the wasted time inhibits the time from being used efficiently. Without efficiency in listening and asking honest questions, you get angry, you lose.

This all came about because of something going on in my family, if it can happen to mine, it can happen to yours, and so on; and so on till the lack of honest conversation in the common family becomes an epidemic. Sadly, some say that the common family is living, not thriving, but living in a more and more non conversive state, as such; families are missing the boat these days.
Truth, it’s never bad mouthing, it’s more showing respect for understanding, to keep regrets from creeping into anyone’s life; regrets feed off the silence and misguided words that are too often spoken with little concern.
Oh, he’s just like his dad, she’s just like her mother, the nut don’t fall too far from the tree; the best way to understand anything is to go to the source. If your old enough to live on your own, go to war, buy your own house, then there’s nothing stopping you from seeking the answers to those nagging questions; well there is you, and your fear of the truth maybe.
When You Wait Too Long:
You can never go home again, we’ve all heard that, we can drive through the old neighborhood; but we can’t go home.
But what if things aren’t as settled as we thought they were, with mom’s, dad’s, siblings; what if things were left undone, untalked about, not exactly taken care of. Maybe things just went ballistic, everyone in the household went their separate ways; no one wanted to wait for the dust to settle into understanding.
I guess, at the funeral of those we have questions of, we could wish for an open casket, and a miracle from God. But if it’s me in the casket, I can guarantee that I won’t be hanging around long enough to carry on even the shortest of conversations.

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