Further Down the Road

Further Down the Road

Saw a pole today, it asked: Do you think the world would be safer under a Trump Presidency?
Well for me, with Trump or any of the others, the world’s not going to be any safer than it is today for a long time. It takes more than a president to make the world safer, and it takes more than a president to make this country safer; what’s needed is common sense and a conviction in society to want a better more safer country that’s above politics and thuggery or popularity in what we do.
There are far too many social distractions in the world today to concern ourselves with what’s actually coming our way, blaming the gun as usual, or any other idle participant in the blame game just won’t get it done; but mix in some respect for human life, dignity in how we live our lives, civility in how we interact, then on a common level, we will have a good start. But the government loves the way society lives today, the politicians can do whatever they want; like kids in a candy store, with no parental influences that will smack their hands.
Ya listening you politicians that are left on the stage? I for one don’t want to vote for a teenage mentality wrapped up in a politician, do want a mature adult that has all that America should be standing for at heart; loss of this country due the popular vote, the popular vote could destroy our country this time around.
As with this or any other social site, the world has one thing in common with the social sites; the common denominator is people. When talking about governments, it’s people. When talking about society, it’s people.
Watching the news will give anyone a shot at viewing the near future, the distant future; now that’s another thing. But it’s coming down to Trump or Clinton, violent actions from protesters have followed both of the candidates; just because one of them gets the vote won’t mean the violence will automatically end. Not this year anyway, there’s too much anger as opposed to true thought and maturity on the streets.
The reality of it all, is that people are involved in the protesting, some are paid professional protesters; follow the money, if we could, we might just see the unseen always hidden faces of governmental greed and corruption. The question should be, just who’s paying the protesters, could it be the candidates themselves, protesting their own events for the attention; society and the news sucks that stuff up, and they do so without questions. The same as the candidates affiliations in life, if they have mafia friends, people distrust them; if they have powerful faceless wealthy tyrannical “friends” that are willing to fund their run for the oval office and their own gain, no one questions that.
Look, if you like chocolate cake, and you eat it every day, your going to get fat. Everyday the baker will take your money, but the money you give the baker puts steaks on his table, but when the cake gives you a health risk; the last person you want to deal with is the baker. The same with politicians and societal influencers, society as well as politicians have been on a steady diet of cake, the health risk are seen daily; and both keep going back to the baker.
Lawsuits are being lodged against Chemtrails in Canada where one very horrific fire is raging, we have illnesses looming more and more everyday, we have droughts that are depleting snow packs as well as killing forest; and a society that’s arguing about bathroom rights. That includes the candidates for the supposed highest office, they won’t talk about any of the above, with the exception of the bathroom rights; also it’s a useless newscaster or weatherman for that matter that can’t uncover the needed answers to hard questions.
Make all public bathrooms open to both no matter the gender affiliation of the day, and put one toilet in it with a lock on the door that indicates if it’s vacant or occupied, then let’s move on because the problem is solved; our country is in peril and there’s more important things to concern ourselves with. The true offensive notions of this day, they won’t be what offends any of us further down the road, we will be more offended when we have nothing but time in our lives while sitting on dusty slopes, pondering the ridiculous notions that were accepted as viable attention gatherer’s; while we simply ignored the truly important factors of our lives.
Looking further down life’s road should be teaching society something, but society places more and more of life’s values on popularity and living in the day, society seems to run fast from constructive thought; and straight towards acceptance and complacency. Life without thoughtful understanding of the future is deadly, we are after all, getting older with every day that passes; the future outcome of this country should mean something to everyone, enough so to at least question what’s going on in this political year; in front of or behind the grandstanding politicians as they stand at the faithless or godless pulpit.
If nothing else our own history as well as the histories of other countries around the world, their histories also should be enlightening us as to where we are heading as a country.
“In America, anyone can become President. That’s one of the risks you take.” – Adlai Stevenson U.S. Politician
Anyone can become president, we’ve proven that statement true with the last few presidents, especially the last with so much uncertainty surrounding his background as well as his actions as president. But people, faceless or otherwise, made that choice for us; Americans will be a long time in understanding the past mistakes. This election year and a certain candidate who’s own husband scandalized the dignity of the office in a sexual act, she showed no real concern then, the same as the deaths in Benghazi, but her popularity shows well that the road to understanding will be a long one. The question should be asked, will she show more concern for her country’s citizenship if she is president; dubious, a tiger never changes its stripes.
“A society that presumes a norm of violence and celebrates aggression, whether in the subway, on the football field, or in the conduct of its business, cannot help making celebrities of the people who would destroy it.” – Lewis H. Lapham American writer
I’m holding out for George Washington, I’ve said that before, but for the futures sake, I wish to see America returned to its former glory; you know, before the elite got a hold of it. It will be hard to trust whomever gets into office, but it seems even harder on this day of stagnant values; that even a few if any will hold past or present presidents accountable for their wrongs done, or even care. That is, unless it’s the latest and greatest thing to do.
If the candidates truly discussed with the nation the backroom policies, the NWO contributions our government has made, they and the government would be held as the enemy, traitors in the highest most unacceptable form. Society’s ignorance of its own governmental actions has to stop now, before the ballots get counted.

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