Yard Sale, Tacos & Toby Keith

Yard Sale, Tacos & Toby Keith

Ah, the simple life is good, sitting around drinking coffee, shooting the breeze; all while doing something for someone that can’t but yet they deserve the attention.
Life is worthless if all a person sees is good, it’s that rose colored glasses thing, how depressing such a vision of life must be, when the harsher side of life slither’s in under the radar; at that point, life just can’t be comfortable. Always been a firm believer in looking at both, sure makes ya appreciate the good; and today was good. Heck, I wouldn’t even talk about politics, chemtrails, or stupid people’s attitudes or their takes on life; society just didn’t have any kind of chance at disrupting my day.
It all started with a yard sale, did it for some friends, they give with their hearts, always; so it’s a chance to say thank you for them being them. One in a wheelchair, the other, age has got him by short hairs, doing something for them like a garage sale is nothing; but for them it’d be tough. So another person and I had a yard sale and all the profits go to the elderly couple.
Next door is a family owned taco stand, they make tacos the original way, the way I had come to love. Used to go to this place in South Pasadena called Senior Fish with the love of my life, we’d get some food, something to drink, at times we would head home; at times we’d wash things, like our blankets at the laundry coin-op next door. But we’d always head next door to Senior Fish after plugging our quarters into the washing machine.
So the owner of the taco stand came to the yard sale, he bought a shelf, I was introduced to him, so I asked; why didn’t he bring some tacos (I was kidding), then I told them why I loved the tacos he and his family make fresh daily.
I had to go to the store for a friend, when I got back; there was a plate of tacos that he had brought back for me. The first bite, it took me back, the love of my life was still on this earth, and we were eating authentic food.
Conversations, deep thoughtful conversations, to idle chatter; had both yesterday. Anyone who appreciates a deep thoughtful conversation like the love of my life and I always had; they will understand why when I say: I miss having constructive conversations on a common level, at times I am bereft at the loss of honest conversations. But yesterday, conversations were plentiful, you know, conversations that were deeper than dirt.
Then all of a sudden as if the television came alive on my street, the General Lee came driving past, sounded so good, it had a 440 in it, a roll-bar, and the horn. I stopped the guy, no it wasn’t Bo or Luke driving it, so I asked, did you build the car? From the Confederate flag to the number on the side, from the brush guard to the wheels, and that beautiful orange paint that was spot on; the guy did it all himself and he did it well. No decals, all paint and done by the owner.
Soon we were closing down the yard sale, I found a red Solo cup that had been glued to a stem like a wine glass, I chuckled then put it in the Goodwill stuff. Box after box stacked waiting to be hauled away the next day, picking up a bunch of trash that gets left behind, and once done; the couple that the garage sale was for, well we just sat around talking, laughing, and just hanging out in the now empty driveway. Till the yawns came that is, then the couple went home, and I went inside for the night.
Turning on the tube was all I had the energy to do, when I did, who did I see, yep, there was Toby Keith, and he was singing his red Solo cup song; somehow that was a fitting end to the day, and I don’t even drink.
It was time to get some rest for the next day. What a day, somehow through the day, I got to take a couple of rides back in time, the back pages of life, if good are so very nice to revisit the best you can; and I was lucky enough to be able to do just that, through the General Lee and those tacos, I was transported back to calmer more peaceful times.
All I can think is the tacos took me back, oh you beautiful Lady, it’s the simple life we share still, when heavens got the best part of me; it sure is hard to go forward. But our day will come, I do miss you Girl; but our Love is longer than eternity, I do look forward to that day.

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