Finding Solitude, Shhh

Finding Solitude, Shhh

The toys of life are off, no phones, no computers, the alarms are off for those thing’s; annoying gadgets of electronic intrusions. The doorbell is wrapped with a towel to hide the chime, the window’s and doors shut tight, you’re alone. It’s so quiet, you can’t even hear a plane pass overhead.
The world has been strangling your last nerve, you’ve lost track of the times you wished the world could be turned off; if for only a half hour, just silence. Peaceful surrender eluded the days, always the racket, interruptions of meaningless fodder, meaningless needs. The voices of the worlds insanity screams loud and belligerently over your inner voice, drowning out your hopes to find the glimmer of serenity.
In a fleeting moment, you hear your trodden voice, trampled and beaten, the voice tells you to run; but run within, for there’s no place without noise in such a short hour. Your mind reminds you of the old saying: If Mom’s not happy, then no one’s going to be happy. You realize, that if your not happy, then you’re not going to make anyone else happy, you know what you have to do; you have to find solitude wherever you are.
You pick a spot on the bedroom floor, the curtains closed tight, no prying eyes; you stretch your arms towards the ceiling, you stretch your back, hips and legs. Then you close your eye’s, you roll head around hearing the neck stretching, you feel your tendons stretching popping in your neck; you are now relaxed.
You sit there on the floor, legs crossed, no chants and no mantras; solitude is now within reach, no intrusions is the sign you hang on your invisible door. You breathe deeply, then exhale slowly, further relaxation is yours; you surrender.
Then you feel an awakening inside, deep in your soul, thoughts trickling in; but the thoughts are yours. The thoughts are created inside the soul, to spur your thinking mind; your thoughts bring out the inner explorer inside you, your on a mind walk. No stumbling, no tripping or falling, simple surrender to the [You] that you thought had been misplaced in the haste of your life.
Delving deep, you see the good that has been stored in your soul, it’s all inside you, never lost or thrown away; simply waiting for your reflection on the Good you thought you lost. Like a warm water fall, flowing over you, you smile content in your thoughts; your memories.
You question the life you are living, the acceptance, the yielding, of all that strips the serenity away from your life. Then you see it, all the gadgets, the status symbols of the world you live in have stolen You from You; you realize that you can now find peace and calm without the toys of the world no matter how attractive they may be.
Breathe, breathe, deeper and deeper, exhaling slowly, stretching every part of your body, exploring the world inside you, so much bigger than you thought, the expanse, the decades of life lived reside there, to learn from; to build upon. You now understand the power of forgiveness, the cleaner of life, forgiveness; you now understand the loss of past angers are far from a loss. You let forgiveness sweep away the unneeded clutter, you know now the ilk you have been toting around in your day; tossing the dusty useless parts of your past in the path of the forgiveness broom.
You’re cleaning, more and more room in your soul, emptiness is not reflecting a void, you realize what you’re doing is making room in your soul for the betterment of life; better memories of living that only you will allow.
Soon, your body is telling you to stand, but now, you know you can always come back to the solitude, no drugs or other means of escape needed. You know what you want to allow, and what you don’t want to allow in your soul, the mind walk has taken you closer to Heaven, closer to serenity. No mantras, no chants, no mystic music, no gurus; just some silent moments, basic thought, and soulful cleansing of life’s clutter.
Always with you, always yours, an oasis just this side of Heaven; makes you think don’t it?
There is more to this life we live, deeper, more profound, is there a God, is there a Heaven; is the soul real and worth investing in? Who knows the answers you will find on your mind walk through the soul, the questions you will ask, the past reflections you will see. It’s not a hippie thing, it’s a gift that every person has, the ability; to find serenity in their own lives, and that serenity won’t cost you a dime, nickel, or a penny. The only cost, will be, the time you invest.

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