Respecting Life

Respecting Life

It’s not just don’t put an end to any life, from abortion to old age and war.
It’s a lot deeper than that, in fact, it includes doing something that makes people mad, I’m not a firm believer in more laws; because some people need the conflict to wake up to the reaction they get from their actions. In that light, some people are darned lucky they haven’t had their block knocked off; due to their actions. Another reason, is that people don’t care, they have been abusing other people for eons, not as much as they do today; even with the mind boggling amount of laws that we have today.
But people have to Respect their surroundings, it’s a logical thought, that if you don’t mind living in squalor, you won’t care about anybody’s property; but some people that interact with the people above will care, and they may react abruptly. Giving the non caring person exactly what they deserve, short of death or a true beat down, but it’s what they may deserve.
A lady that was helping with the garage sale held at my home that we had for some mutual friends, she drives this van, missing bumpers, junk all over the dash, the seats are removed to hold more stuff; it’s a mess. It’s not like she’s poor, she’s not rich, but she’s not poor; her mess is just her. But her living in the messy lifestyle degrades anything around her, if it’s not hers then she don’t care; well I cared when she put cardboard boxes on my car. Yeah, I wanted to, she was lucky it was me she was dealing with; but my car is an honest classic with a good deal of blood sweat and tears in it.
Someone else, or if she would have caused some real damage, she may have saw some real attitude from me, after all; the car wasn’t built to be some thoughtless person’s tabletop.
Worked at a gas station when I was young, a guy there had a belt buckle that more than once scratched a particular customers car, as should be understood; the customer finally got tired of the scratching up of his car, and being nice about the scratching. He asked the attendant which car was his, the attendant pointed to a decent looking ’55’ or so Chevy, the customer got out of his now later model scratched up car, then proceeded to walk up and over the attendants car. The old Chevy was cheap back then, but cost is not the factor, and yes; the attendant bought a new belt that would hold his pants up without scratching anyone’s car.
Spread the love, give peace a chance, try a little kindness; that’s all fine and good, but work on Respect first. DisRespect has given us so much, higher insurance costs, gun control, a ridiculous amount of laws, and we’re not even getting into the fear or anger aspects of disRespect.
Saw a commercial about a remote control that doesn’t need human interaction to watch whatever a person would like to watch. The guy ask the viewer: Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to push these buttons to watch what you want? The first thought that came to my mind was: Yeah if your stupid or lazy! But then if Respect is such a chore these days, without strings of any kind then why shouldn’t we have remotes that we don’t have to have any human interaction with, or cars that park themselves; if something goes wrong, we simply blame the gizmo like we do the gun.
DisRespect vs Respect, it’s simple, it’s yours to do with what you want, just don’t cry in the end; when disRespect turns into confrontation that you may not like. But then, you might find the confrontation to be offensive, so, pass a new law; our glutinous politicians would love nothing more than to pass a new law to further their vote. I really don’t find it a stretch that we may see the day that things like Q-Tips will be outlawed or controlled as they are involved in some crimes of mankind; maybe at that point, this new age man woman and child society may begin to understand the need . . . for more Respect of life.

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