The Many Faces of Selfishness

The Many Faces of Selfishness

Today with society as a whole, Selfishness is all too common and accepted as something very “Normal”; good manners to some. God forbid society sees a drastic event that covers the country, not just in one city of one state; but the country. The Selfish face will be seen then.
I think of 9/11, people in the area of the Twin Tower’s got into action, helping victim’s, saving lives, digging through the rubble; that was on the east coast. I watched people on that day here on the west coast, hey did you hear what happened in the Big Apple? Yeah kinda sad, you wanna catch some waves, their going to be righteous today, tip back some suds later. Some people just heard about it on the news, and still said nothing; like those poor people, oh god bless the victims, showing little if any concern is not conducive to a good life.
There was fear across the country that day, but it subsided quickly the further the news got away from NYC; as did the flag waving, it too ended quickly. But if it happened in the Golden Gate area, Seattle, the City of Angels; everyone would be seeking attention, everyone would look for countrywide societal caring. It wasn’t a day as usual for me, but who am I, I couldn’t tell ya at the time how many plane’s those despicable people got their hands on, or where they were headed; ah, that’s New York, it won’t happen here, gotta go. People were that casual that day, they didn’t give the day much mind, because the day of 9/11 didn’t involve them; Selfish faces abound in society, regardless, it was an attack on America and it’s citizens.
Sometimes I feel like this site is a waste of time, like I’ve got better things to do with my day that’s for sure; so why should I spread any wisdom of life out there, even; if at all. For my Grandson would be the best reason I could think of, besides those I care about. Sometimes we have to go backwards in order to go forwards, in other words, I can put what I’ve learned and remember well in my past out there for people to read; and maybe save someone some grief somewhere in their future.
See I really don’t care for political correctness, or following popularity, or keeping up with the Jonses; but I do care about the actions of people that will deplete the goodness of anyone’s day or life due to Selfish manners. I don’t care about Women’s Lib mentalities, or Black Lives Matter mentalities, or the Save the Earth or World mentalities; but I do care about their lives and freedoms, humanity used to be a big word to some before it became a useful tool, for a political movement or cause, or the drug companies profits.
If anyone stops and watches long enough, for even just a few minutes, in a mall, at a sporting event, even at church; they will see the face of Selfishness. Even what happened in L.A. today at a Trump event became an act of Selfishness, protesters destroying a police car, that act was Selfish, if you don’t like the candidate then be responsible; but don’t beat up the town and taxpayers.
This is not Disneyland I’m in, walking along life’s path singing over and over again Its a Small Small World. This is humanity I’m interacting with on a daily basis, I don’t care if everyone understands the meaning of respect, if they don’t understand the need for respect in life, and they don’t get any; well that’s their problem. It’s that horse and water thing again, can’t make the people understand if they don’t want too. But for me, I do care on a daily basis if I remotely fail to give respect to any person place or thing that I interact with; that is if respect is due.
But the protesters causing a violent end in the above, they may not even vote, they may be there because they love the excitement, or they are simply angry with the world. “A life lived for others, is a life worthwhile.” Albert Einstein, the protesters were Selfish in their actions, and now; the tax payers no matter the affiliation of whatever political party, they get to pay the tab. To think that people comment about what they see as bad, yet accept what they see as “Normal”, that thought pattern of living equates to a more personal acceptance of Selfish dysfunction; an atrocious way to live.
When thinking in terms of political correctness, protesters that are destructive, including the armchair protesters, or those that interact with nature leaving their litter behind; a good deal of them are the people that want their freedoms, finds everything that doesn’t agree with them offensive, to the point that they are taking God out our lives; Selfish dysfunction at best. Feeding a portion of society drugs and giving the Selfish dysfunction a name like agoraphobia, homophobia, PTSD or whatever will not cure any part of society’s problems; but a heavy dose of respect and understanding of or for life will.
Can’t just throw prescription drugs and names at something and then expect a cure, without first, understanding what you are dealing with, but doctors and clinics do it all the time, because of drug company kickbacks and not taking the time to understand the patient on a one on one level; that being said, it’s easy to see Selfishness in life. If a doctor can’t take more time to understand their patient better due to time constraints, then maybe we need more doctors over say; more police due to the ridiculous Selfish and accepted violent actions of society.
So what constitutes Selfishness in people, or as a blanketing understanding of humanity: Controlling actions from one spouse over the other, controlling attitudes will never feed and nurture the wished for honest and enduring love that so may people hope and wish for.
Drugs and Alcohol dependencies, those are poor me acts of Selfishness, from DUI’s, accidents, and suicides; Selfishness is an integral part in addictions. Leaving family members and friends sad or alone because the addicted won’t exchange their addicted lifestyles of escape, while not even trying to buck up with understanding what they are doing to those around them.
Suppression in any relationship is demeaning and disrespectful to life, all anyone has to do in America, is to look at why our founding citizens built this country, why there was a Revolutionary War, the understanding is there; but suppression in a relationship, it can only end in violence or death if not taken seriously.
One-sided relationships, One-sided conversations, Helping that goes one-way, the My Way or No Way take on life is a Selfish take on life; on a societal level such manners of living will end in stagnation or confrontation. On a societal level, this political year is proving that stagnation is not healthy, people are tired of the status quo, they’re beginning to stand against their high monetary, freedom, God, or just the healthy air that everyone is breathing, the losses on the One-way path is debilitating; it’s also a personal as well as a societal view of Selfishness.
The list can easily grow larger, the more people take note of their understanding of life and their surroundings, one sure thing in life, we can deny all we want; but, we will never outrun who we are, or what we have become. In the end, it’s ourselves we look at, un-Selfishly, and often times; with profound understanding and regret.

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