Love, an Honest Love, Never Dies!

Love, an Honest Love, Never Dies!

GARTH BROOKS/More Than A Memory…..
People say she’s only in my head
It’s gonna take time but I’ll forget
They say I need to get on with my life
But they don’t realize…..

And they quite often don’t realize, an honest Love, it’s so much more than sharing the bed sheets; Love like life is more perplex than understood and invested in.
Marriage, relationship, dating, everything has to be firstly honest; before intimacy becomes a part of two peoples Love for one another. The main reason is that Love stands on its own, it’s not in competition with any other aspect of life, but without Love; when all other aspects of life turn harsh, those aspects cannot be overcome or healed without Love.
Love sadly is the first to leave, when people take an honest Love for granted, it will be Love that leaves first, before any breakups, Love will leave, Love will stand at the wings waiting to see what happens in a relationship; if the relationship has no proof of positive healing, it will be gone; not dead, but gone. See the perplexing fact, you can get legally and fully separated, hate and despise one another, but somewhere deep inside; there is a glimmer of Love left in the bank of memories.
For most that shun Faith in God, that glimmer of Love has to be like a residue residing in a cold and empty void; I’m glad I don’t live that way. Just to look at life as a void that’s all filled up with willy nilly minimal amounts of anything that feels good in the moment, there’s no substance in that way of life. It’s a sad life, if life is continually lived as if all we have to do is watch television and eat bon-bon’s till the cow’s come home to feed; then calling what we see Love.
People live that way, there’s a lot of people that live lonely sad lives that will wake up every morning in the arms of an accepted yet mindless relationship; it’s life by the drop, and they are blindly hoping the drops will someday fill a void. It won’t happen that way, in Love a person should feel full, there should be color and substance to their lives; the hurdles of life, with Love, life’s hurdles are never feared.
Don’t make Love a romance, because it’s not a romance, but Love will allow romance in a relationship; but an honest Love has to be a strong foundation to allow romance to even be seen. You don’t have romantic evening’s with strangers, you have romantic evening’s with the person that makes your life complete, a simple equation; where’s the romance if your lonely after, or in the next morning. That’s not romance, that’s a conquest, a notch on the bed post; but look at it as a part of your soul wasted, Love if honest is a gift from God for the soul. Think about that as a long term loss in any relationship, living with an empty soul to fill a void can never be fun in the end.
The one thing we never see statistics on, are the statistics of the feelings of those that have lost the Loves of their lives due to cancer, accidental death, whatever, no one ever cares about that stuff. They will be anecdotal when talking to the survivors, it’s in your head, go out and have a date, box everything up and send it to Goodwill then get on with life. Those anecdotes come from people that aren’t really aware of the true meaning of an honest Love, and a good deal of those anecdote spreading people have marriages that end in divorce, their sad or uneasy about the relationship that they may be in; bluntly, they don’t take the time to understand life and Love.
But life will change, it’s inevitable, no matter, young or old; life will change. The perceptions we have of life at this moment, is a precursor of our tomorrows; making those perceptions worthwhile is more paramount than people often take the time to understand. While they should, too often people don’t take the time to understand the lives they are living, then when life changes as it will; people get caught unaware and unsure of what tomorrow will bring.
The most honest part of life is the earthly inevitable, in a couple, it’s when one passes before the other, that’s where; loving honestly hits home. Friends are there for support, if their true and honest, but then so is family there for support if their true and honest, Don’t worry if they aren’t there for you; that’s a demon they will someday face on their own. But at the moment that the Loved one is closest to you passes, then the deep honest Love; that Love will pull you through more than anyone can clearly estimate.
Depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, those all come down to one thing; selfishness. There’s never been a written and signed guarantee that every day we live and breathe is going to be a good day; my last post proves that truth. But through an honest Love, the stress of any part of life is lessened; but the passing of a Loved one, there’s never any good preparation for that part of life.
With a true honest Love, the souls are entwined, you live in that honest Love, Never alone, even though you’re the one left behind; don’t take Love for granted, because everything may just become a memory. An honest Love is never replaced in a day, a week, a month or a year, or maybe even years if at all. An honest Love is not a void, it’s something that two people invest the time they share while on this earth in; with one big dividend . . . Heaven….

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