Everyone Likes a Trip to the ER, Don’t They?

Everyone Likes a Trip to the ER, Don’t They?

Guess you could say it’s a good way to get some sleep, once you get over the pain that is.
It came silently, messed up what should have been a good night sleep, and maybe a couple of good meals with friends; what can you say but, oh well.
After a little over a year from stomach surgery, the more internal scaring started to block off my lower intestinal tract, now that wasn’t fun; Normal just went out the window and temporarily took my most common abilities with it. I just thought I ate something that didn’t agree with me, little did I know.
That’s the way it works this thing called life.
But in times such as this, so much becomes unimportant, we just shove everything off to the back burner, it’s a good thing to do really; in certain times, a person just has to relax their mind and body in order to get better.
The battery was dead on the cellphone, the bedroom window was left open, something’s just don’t matter; there’s no sense in getting angry and upset, that won’t heal anything. That’s my belief, there’s time after my visit to deal with thing’s, so put the best smile I can muster on my face and deal with what’s happening. All the while, I just keep understanding, regardless of what someone might say like all the Why didn’t you do this, or Why didn’t you do that; I keep thinking unexpected situations just never give answers to those questions. Not logical answers anyway.
The recognition of my somewhat strained smile became evident, even while the pain was doubling me over at times. I had two very nice nurses attending me in the process of their work, I just put myself in their hands, trying to put as much effort as I could into the appreciation of all that they were doing; after all, they were taking care of me, they didn’t need my grumpiness.
They got me balanced out, that little bag filled with needed fluids, and one strong pain killer included, they said as they left; what he has going on could have killed him, and he’s still so nice. For those two young ladies, you two were my blessings, you made my niceness come easy. They stayed with me till the night shift came and took over, everyone was good, from nurse’s and doctors, to the technicians, everyone was kind and considerate.
They took me into this room, there was this machine with a big round cylinder that this bed would slide through they wanted a picture of my stomach. They lowered the back of the hospital bed down, as I got up to switch from one bed to the other, I noticed that the foot of the bed was a little higher than the rest of the bed, making one of my legs appear shorter than the other. To lighten my mood, and their thoughts of my comfort for which they were very attentive to, I said: What happened to my legs, ones shorter than the other? We all smiled, I was still having some pain, but some humor was the best gift I could give them, it was the best gift I could give any of the people that was on hand taking such good care of me. They were all my blessed Angels.
From late Friday to this morning when they let me go home as everything is working the way it should, minus drastic surgery; I just knew I was in the best hands, without exception. I am truly thankful for all the good people that God has put in front of me. And I am very thankful for the People in my life that were there to get me to and from the hospital, and showed their concern, and to my neighbor and her calls, even though my phone battery was dead; yes I replied to her messages.
I was in severe pain, for the last couple of days, through their vast knowledge their caring, their support; they were all doing so much more for me than I had the ability to do for myself. Yeah, God and I are going to have a talk tonight, oh the thanks will go his way for sure; I got the best care, I’m nothing special, but I do feel lucky today for the People in life.
I guess now that I’m home, the bedroom window is shut, the phone is all charged up, and my body is doing its job again, I think I am going to assess what needs doing tomorrow; minus any expectations. The rest of today though, I’m going to relax and just be thankful for the good people placed before me.

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