Act Like You Really Care

Act Like You Really Care

About living that is!
I’m not saying accidents don’t happen, they do, but it seems like some accidents are more the fruit falling from the Stupid Tree. Face it, driving or walking while texting isn’t the brightest thing to do at times; all the other drivers and pedestrians, they deserve your attention. Not giving the attention due to your surroundings can cause harm or death, it’s a logical thought; such actions without respect shown by getting out of harms way is purely selfish.
Today we have an abundance of people that fail to understand the safety factor, you can really understand this on dark rainy nights. Young adults wearing dark clothes, not looking or caring about what’s going on at the time; they have to cross the street, so they cross. Well young adult, when you see those bright headlights coming at you, know that they are hooked up to something that weighs in at a couple thousand pounds of unforgiving metal; that won’t bounce near as much as you will, no matter the time of day or weather.
I almost ran over a probably high school age young man, it was wet, cold, very dark, and his attire; there was nothing on his dark clothes that was remotely attention grabbing to be seen. He walked out from the darkened corner right in front of my already in progress turn, I spotted him and applied the breaks; the Stupid thing, he yelled at me, oh what I wanted to say. Knowing that he won’t be the first or last fool I may come across that night, I moved on; letting him to get hit one way or another for his actions and smart mouth by someone else.
I really wonder at times what education is for these days, it used to be education was to help us survive this life, and to live a better life. But then, in deeper thought, like you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the horse drink; we have safety programs, safety commercials, public awareness classes; and yet we still see the actions as in the above on a daily basis. Not just from kids or young adults, but by, putting an age range on the subject, we see the same actions from people that are twenty-five years old and up.
If you’re a horse and die of thirst when the waters in front of ya, we can write you off as a dumb animal, but if you’re a human and not paying attention when you get run over by a vehicle of any kind; what’s anyone supposed to call you then?
In all aspects of life, things should matter, we don’t need more laws enacted, that’s just throwing paint on life’s wall, it’s just going to be an ugly wall till we figure out what a paint brush is for. As humans we have to stop whining about needless injuries and death, and simply start using our heads; while we earnestly teach up coming generations how to use theirs, doing so could save their lives.
No matter the age, that’s what needs to happen.
Just went down to my favorite coffee place, on the way was a guy riding a bicycle down the wrong side of the road, I turned onto the road and headed for the light. I looked ahead, because of the cyclist that was clearly in the wrong, a pick-up ended up coming towards me in my lane. Everything worked out okay, and as I passed the cyclist I looked, an older gray haired man, just buzzing along without a care in the world; gee, I wonder where they, the younger members of society, learn the illogical manners of life from.
I looked at the guy riding with me in the car, as we both looked at the gray haired cyclists, we said at about the same time about the guy that almost caused a head on collision; yeah, that fools old enough to know better. Two things, I hope he doesn’t drive the way he rides, but then that might be why he rides. The second thing, after the collision, the old duff would probably keep on riding; without a care.

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