Life is a Reflection


Life is a Reflection
Life is a series of reflections of everything that we do, it’s inevitable, life’s silent paper trail is filled with all of what made us who we are. Seemingly more profound on a societal level, as people follow more when they interact with those in society, and all that surrounds any of us while in a more societal interaction. But are we really showing our true selves, in this day of being non offensive to others, are we being our true selves; or at the very least true our selves.
But in the alone time of everyone’s life, the word profound takes on another meaning; a more personal meaning. The personal paper trail of our personal lives becomes our inescapable mirror in the alone time, reflections of our lives, the paths we took when we should have made better choices; the voices we should’ve listened to, but didn’t.
I honestly believe that people think they can outrun their past, but believe me, age and mortality gives us one thing that never ends; a collection of memories that never goes away. A collection of our life’s reflections of choices made, and actions taken in our own personal lives; No one will ever outrun their past, no one.
I sit back sometimes, thinking back through almost sixty four years of life, at times things are so clear, I can almost tell you what the dirt and flowers smelled like when I was eight years old. The capacity of the mind is massive, as busy as I keep myself, I still feel that the memories I have collected have not and may never fill my mind to compaction; it’s almost like the capacity of the mind is relentless in it’s ever expanding size.
But what if the capacity of the mind is connected to the soul, making the mind in reality to the soul smaller, as if the soul is more of a systematic and categorized personal library where the mind goes to collect the needed information it needs to get any of us through our days. In such a thought, would any of us really want our public libraries to have shelves filled with explicit crime novels, or pornographic material, or how-to guides on bomb making.
But we fill our personal libraries with needless fodder, mostly without though of the times that we will be alone in deeper thought of our lives, or the actions we have taken in our lives; strange how we all want the Good Stuff to reflect on, but seem to not want to personally invest in the Good of life. So much like the investment in the Good of life is too hard to realize and the popular methods of life and escape of our past are more freely attainable; so why work on the investment.
Not taking the time to consider that such escapism will only serve to compound the regrets in anyone’s life, but when realizing that escape over looking at the lives we live is a choice; then shouldn’t people want more to invest in the good of life. I wish that to be true, but it’s not what people are being taught or at least teaching themselves these days; to be independent rather than living in destructive following.
Okay, for the sake of thought, you’re stuck in a wheelchair, think now of all that you could do in life before becoming relegated to the wheelchair, in conjunction with those things that you cannot or wish to do today; everything becomes an Everest. All the time you have now to just sit there and think, no constructive action like work on the house or yard, just an abundance of time on your hands; to think and ponder your life.
Anger, depression, anxiety, rudeness, coldness in manners, these are things you will feel in your thinking; beside all those unwanted regrets of your life. But those emotions are all brought on by the reflections of your life, but in the end will we understand that independence and creativity is far removed from a more popular manner of living.
Looking back at a life lived, should any person be comfortable knowing that they never explored their own capabilities; choosing rather to live in the light of others. Is it then, that we live more in a society built on copying the false and often lacking icons of society, rather than living and creating the lives of our dreams, copying the accepted mediocrity that we falsely believe in while in the mix of society; but in our silent hours we question the path we are on.
If we question the times we are in, then it’s time to reflect on the Good in our lives; because life is a reflection of who we are, what we’ve become, and the choices we make.

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