The Go to Guy

The Go to Guy

Don’t put that sign on your back, it’s nice to be of assistance to someone’s needs, but hey neighbors; I ain’t your hardware store.
If you live and breathe, then you’re going to know how your neighbors live, by the way they keep their yards or by the clattering of bottles being dump into the recycling truck; you will know what your neighbor’s are like.
Every week I hear my neighbors bottles get tossed away, it’s almost like the more they drink, then the more they are saving the orb by getting glass bottles into the recycling plants somewhere in the country. But if they need a fastener, from a finishing nail to a bolt, then they come to me; if the time of day is good for them that is. I’m not forgetting the tools they need to do the job at hand.
I keep hearing the bottle clattering, while at the same time, I see dollar signs getting recycled, and what’s ridiculous; they’re too lazy to take the bottles in for the refunds. They say it’s too embarrassing, the people will know I have a drinking problem, they sell the beer it to you Hoss; news flash, they already know.
But that’s the way of the addict, they have the money to feed their addictions, but they never have the money for the substantive items they need in normal life. They lose ground daily, if a person, due to their addiction, can’t afford a two dollar box of useful nails to have handy, or even a roll of cheap duct tape; then something is wrong.
Now I don’t have a roll of duct tape, but I do have my own little hardware area on the back porch; hanging on to reusable or leftover A to Z hardware is a good idea. Along with scraps of wood, metal; or even quality paper and plastics. I’m not being cheap here, I’m just being logical, I hate going to the store for a single nut or bolt, as everything comes in packages of three now, if you need four; then you have to buy eight. So I go to my little hardware area, get what I need, grab the tool I need; then fix what needs fixing.
But see, that convenience is what some people learn that you have in the back room; once they know, you have friend till your supply is depleted. The very reason that I don’t advertise what I have, through my supply I have not only what I may need, but I am able to fix things for others that they can’t, like my neighbor lady’s door that wasn’t locking correctly; doing things like that makes life better.
But to hear the clattering of empty beer bottles on garbage day, that’s not life affirming to my ears, to me it’s senseless at best; like I’m supposed to care that part of the siding on your hot tub is coming off, and that you never care about investing the cost of a short-case of beer into the staples of normal life. Yeah, the siding on your hot tub should fall off, besides, if you can’t afford a two dollar box of nails; you really shouldn’t have a hot tub, think of the guts of the hot tub, screws and clamps are everywhere behind the siding. Oh, and don’t forget about that electric bill at the end of the month.
Being the go to guy is handy for everyone, as long as it’s not abused by anyone; the plus side depending on the need, the hardware store never closes. If you need to fix something at 3:a.m., it gets fixed. No matter your background in business, knowledge, male or female, it just doesn’t matter; being self sufficient in life is the epitome of life, when common needs are being talked about. We’re not all brain surgeons or lawyers, but all brain surgeons and lawyers should be able to work a ratchet wrench or swing a hammer at a finishing nail.
Now that’s just a glimpse of normal, besides, when that kitchen faucet needs replacing, do it yourself. On sale a new faucet might cost twenty bucks, because a person might think they can’t do the job, they pay a handy man a couple hundred dollars to do the job; now that’s a lot of beer. Or it could be a quality night out with the family. Your choice, just don’t deplete my private hardware supply.

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