Seeing Clearly the Good and the Bad

Seeing Clearly The Good And The Bad

Watching a study on Alzheimer’s, about the people afflicted with the sickness, and the drugs that are becoming a reality to fight the illness. In life and living, it all comes down to cause and effect; but that’s true in every part of life, not just illness.
I have been around people that have Alzheimer’s, and the basic forms of age related dementia, their loss of self-esteem, their inabilitiy of doing the very things they have done in the normaless of their day to day lives; things they have done for years, things as simple as going to the bathroom.
One person who is at the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, he said that he wants people to take Alzheimer’s more serious, that it’s like having a sliver of your brain shaved off every day. I understand the man’s feelings, because that’s what this site is about, my wish for people to take life more serious, before age related issues and illnesses hit home for everyone.
Oh if I had the hands of God.
The one question that I have always had, is when the victim’s of Alzheimer’s momentarily leave as their minds, functions, and abilities go inward of the body; what are they thinking of in those times. Don’t know if anyone can really answer the question, but I hope that they are in a good place at that time.
The man above, like so many, would get angry, once the Alzheimer’s was diagnosed, the anger was explained, that’s when the momentary loss process was in action, his family now understood better where the man’s anger was coming from. This is why he wishes that people understood and took Alzheimer’s more seriously. His anger comes from frustration, fear, and a normal lack of understanding the part of life that drastically strips a person of any control; of their lives.
Ah, some wishes are worth granting at times, if I could grant that wish for him I would; least ways over someone that’s wishing for a million dollar lottery win.
I got to thinking, if gaining an abundance of good thoughts of life would ease the suffering of Alzheimer’s victims. Not knowing if when the mind takes the afflicted for a journey elsewhere more internal, would the collected better thoughts be more health worthy, it is a good thought, as regrets can destroy people without the maladies of Alzheimer’s; or any other mind altering illness.
I know when my mother was ill, when her oxygen levels were low, she was coming up with the names of people rarely talked about in the family, but she was talking to us thinking that we were them; so her mind had to go somewhere, maybe deeper into the soul.
The thoughts of what we do, what we believe, how we act, and with the fact that we all will get older or old; being stuck in a bed being fed through a tube with a soul full of regrets, doesn’t sound like too much fun. But then that’s what understanding life is all about, discerning the truly good from the bad; some parts of life today is a waste of time and life, but people still call it normal.
So the question would be: Do any people, since no one can tell for sure, and that no one can tell when a debilitating illness may strike any of us; do we really want to repetitiously mull over our dysfunctional lives; knowing that we will never have the ability again to change for the better.
If the answer is no, then why do people live as they do today, why are they taking the accepted normal as truth, when they know that true normal manners of living is far less cluttered. No addictions, anger is in check, personal well-being is looked after; why don’t people want that in their personal lives. Why do people keep chasing the weird, dysfunctional, and popular manners of life today; is it because they haven’t, or are not, been or being told through their upbringing’s that what they are doing in their lives is not normal or morally correct.
So, play for a few minutes a thought game, pretend you can’t move, turn all electronics off including the lights, look at your life with a depth of thought that’s deeper than ever; see if you can live with you on the inside; with the thought that you will never have the opportunity to change anything in your life for the better again at any time in your life.
I can’t say that the readers here will do it or not, but I can say that some people I know won’t, a couple of people will be too frightened to, and maybe a couple will. That’s just the way life goes, kind of like the man’s wish for people to understand Alzheimer’s better, I wish his wish to be granted; because it would be the beginning of a better life for many people.

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