If I had a Dream Come True

If I had a Dream Come True

I’d wake in the middle of the night and find you laying beside me, I would lay there in calm questioning, afraid to speak; with the words spoken the dream might end.
I would wish to pull you oh so near, my hands would tremble and shake, afraid your soft skin would turn to dust.
I would wish to hear you breathe, to see your silhouette in the moonlight.
I would wish to be able tell you that I love you so much, then fall back to sleep.
I would wish to awaken in the dawn of a new day, and see you still there, to hear you say good morning Darlin I love you. It’s no longer a dream, let’s take a drive to the beach.

If I could have a dream that would come true, like the wishing on a star in the nights sky, to have a sliver of heaven return to our home, just to hold you tight. Oh how I wish.
If heaven worked that way, all the words I ever wanted to say would be said, all the places and things I’ve seen since that night at 5:01p.m. would have been shared with you. You would see a grandson being born, an addition to the family and the world. We would be tending the flower beds together side by side, planting, weeding, and talking about everything that’s deeper than dirt; we would share it all together.
There was no toiling in our work that we did, only love, we understood the values of love, it’s depth; we understood loves promise. But then we were the lucky one’s, we lived in Faith, and we still touch; never feeling the loss of an honest love is the beauty of love. So much like those that never take the time to delve into the true meaning of life, I understand that we did invest the time, we knew the path; we know the bridge exists where earthly waters will never flow under.
I’m no lonely wanting man in search of something to fill the void, like a drug to carry me through the void, we invested in life, and love. A worthwhile investment, I live in your continued smile, nothing more beautiful; No one can replace your presence in any day that I may have left here on this dusty rock.
Oh but to have that dream come true……

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