It Comes Silently Creeping

It comes silently creeping
Into every life, form and fitness, a face looms; left over promises of youth, thoughts of wasted time. Haste and want entwined into nothingness, pictures of memories fill the pages; no longer needed image’s of past breathes taken.
The once new and shinny essential part now impassive and scared, guietude it’s eyes, vision clearly drawn close to passive chest, unsettling reminders; words no other will hear rattle and shake, phlegm vibrating in the throat. Silent voices, deep inside, awaken, awaken, move, tremble, turn, numbness stifling existence.
Shortened unresolved existence, blurred lines, equations, motions, traversing pits and falls taken, darkness now fills the once empty void between then and now; the future becomes the past, becomes the future. Honest degradation becomes the skin now shrinking, wrinkling, shriveled, twisted structure; marrow defined, dusty, no longer recycled functional matter.
Weak, feeble, miscarry, life taken, lived in granules, never knowing; inefficiency pilfer’s expectations, hopes and dreams. The screen dark, the movie playing reruns of moments thrown about, spewed, unwashed, unwanted; the lack of untarnished, leaves the residue of silent yet epic intemperance.
So it comes, darkness falls, twitchless, emotionless, eyes have no vision; though uniform, still. Facial manifestation, avoidance, cowardice, dislike, doubt; the limit met, the vertex, the effect. The future, has become the past, away, away, but motionless still, no outlet, no egress, decamp not; morning turns to night, the internal luminous flame, snuffed.
Through life’s toiling, likewise accompaniment, vain existence, avarice, desire, wrongful termination and abandonment; yet all along, God mattered little. It comes silently creeping, the reality, death not of a vessel, of something more important, the soul. The eye’s last vision, diminished in the once fertile light; a small . . . mound . . . of dust . . . of what once was life. How saddened the heart; a warm breeze dispersing the mound to darkness. True darkness, The end!

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