Have You Ever Gotten Mad And Slammed Your Fist Down On The Table?

Have You Ever Gotten Mad And Slammed Your Fist Down On The Table?

Hurt didn’t it, and the bruises went to the bone, your hand hurt for weeks didn’t it.
Well don’t feel alone, it’s common practice, no matter; the pain never changes. Doing so isn’t something you want to repeat too often, because when you get older, you’re going to remember every time you struck a table top or a fence post.
Used to work with this guy, he had anger issues, he eventually got help and took care of them, but not before he figured out that throwing your good quality tools across a yard or shop wasn’t a good idea; mainly because he had to go collect them, if he could find them. Anger, if out of control, it’s so stupid.
Anger often times makes you say something you shouldn’t, usually in front of your boss, or worse, in front of the kids; then someday down life’s path they repeat your words. You ask them where they heard such words, they say you, then they ask; if I’m not supposed to say the words, then what do those words mean. Anger sure isn’t a good teacher, might make a colorful dictionary though.
Anger at times gets the point across, most often the aftermath of getting angry isn’t worth the effort of getting mad. There really isn’t a good way to verbalize anger, it depends on the words, and who your talking to. Had a manager once, young, inexperienced, and egotistical to the max. He made everyone mad, but he was the favorite of the Top Brass, they got offended at me when I told them that they needed to put their dog on a leash because he was offending the workers. There’s just no pleasing some Yupsters.
All in all, anger isn’t worth a hill of beans, it’s more of a waste of energy than anything.
From what I understood from the news, this man that never had any issues with anyone, he decided to put a Trump for President sticker on his car, someone broke the window out of his car; now if anyone has a right to get mad, it would be the owner of the car. But the person that broke the windows, he was a malicious parasite who has nothing better to do with his time than to cost other people money.
This country right now is so divided and dysfunctional, what’s going to happen if another Clinton gets into office, and people start celebrating the First Man in Washington? It’s sounds stupid but such a celebration could be a reality, and a cause for an anger issue to arise; because the celebration will be above the American values. Yes, that’s the way the mind works these days, people drive their cowboy limousines, celebrate hotdogs, apple pie, Chevrolet and baseball; yet they still take little time in their days to understand true American values.
And, what happens if Trump gets into office, the progressive movement, are they going to sit idly by, watching their entitlements shrink, watching their political party crumble, watching crony’s and partners fear the loss of their jobs. And the republican party, they too will have to decide which side they are on, they will have to tow the line, split the political sheets and remember like all the rest of the politicians, just who put them into office in the first place, not to forget the lies they told to first get into office.
Even though career politicians may lose their jobs, and the tax dollars savings may get passed on to the public, would the people really understand? Dubious as the people are too volatile now, it’s the cause and effect of progressive socialist movements, they may say that they hate the fight but they like the fight; ah the elite, they won’t lose sleep over the fight, Hillary won’t because she won’t let a perfectly usable plight go to waste.
Everyone should remember her words, yeah, it’s bad enough to have political fights (War) in foreign lands, but is anyone ready for political fights on this land; people are having a hard time wrapping their minds around more regular crimes, are they going to be any more comfortable when the crime turns more political. We are what we accept.
If anger can be released over a bumper sticker, then what will happen in the near future; we already have fights and deaths over team logos, and does anyone really believe that gang turf war’s are a thing of the past. Oh if you don’t care about violent anger in today’s world, you will care in tomorrow’s world.
But if it’s anger in a political frame of mind, regardless if it’s a Conservative or Liberalist state of mind; we won’t like what we see. Oh yeah, go wake up the cranky Rottweiler, see what ya get. But that’s what we can very well see in this country, all the attacking of our personal lives and freedoms, what’s anyone think is going to happen; a peace, love and happiness world come to life? That’s not going to happen, people are fighting over stupid, they aren’t fighting over the quality of American rights and freedoms; they’re fighting over bumper stickers.
Faith in God is being attacked, but yet less peace and love people or good Christians are willing to stand for God, that’s not a responsible Faith; but they will stand for laws that says every bakery has to bake a cake per the customer’s request. What ever happened to the right to refuse? If the right is lost at the bakery level, then what’s it going to be like when all the vulgarity of man’s anger and misaligned manners and thoughts end up right in front of anyone; and they don’t have the right to refuse, all they can do is accept. Oh to be a fly on the wall when that happens.
Well, what people will see is anger, not justified or unjustified, but anger nonetheless. It’s what they do with their anger, how they handle their anger; and it’s who receives their anger. But to just throw the anger out to society, maliciously, violently for nothing more that a bumper sticker or sports team logo, or because you want the world to be like you, that’s dysfunctional; that’s why they have anger management classes.
As a Society, as a country, as a family, it’s simplisticly understandable; that anger through a lack of control leads to chaos. Anger is never the first step taken to true understanding, nor is it the last step of true understanding. Look at anger as an indicator as to what we have become, what we have allowed our own lives to become, the picture of who we are as a society is not pretty; but it’s who we are. We can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves for the better on a personal level; but like they say ~ it’s your call. But slamming your first took rage on the table, it’s going to hurt; the pain will increase internally when realization sets in that life could have been better, had life been respected and understood.

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