Sometimes You Have No Choice But To Go Out Of Your Way

Sometimes You Have No Choice But To Go Out Of Your Way

Because it’s your nature, you grumble under your breath, you silently say things you normally don’t say, but you forge ahead; because that’s the way you live. Unless your life is wrapped up in selfish manners that is, but then being Nice in that manner; isn’t really being Nice is it.
No matter, in public at the store, the coffee shop, even while your sick in the hospital, your Nice to those you deal with; even while some of the people you are dealing with are rude to you. But you are Nice, you understand the hang nail trauma, the pressure of having to tend to only one person’s needs; but your true sympathetic nature goes to the hard working people that you deal with, you give your time and thoughtful attention to them.
So here’s to all you kind thoughtful people out there, even though you may feel like you’re rarer than hens teeth; know youre not alone. God Bless you all, you deserve it. Take some time for some self-pampering breaths of life, have a latte, give attention to your worth as a part of society; you’re a good genuinely Nice person, in a sea of people that like you more for that sign on your back that says: Nice people are meant to finish last, take advantage of them.
Society isn’t what’s being talked about here, but friends and family are. It’s funny, well maybe not funny, but you know what I mean. Family and friends do love that Nice guy sign you have on your back, they have a problem with your life till they need your help, or its one of the celebratory days of the year when gifts are given, but they can’t understand that giving Nice to them every time they need something; No matter the time or day, Nice is the ultimate gift.
They show their worth in their actions, it’s not your time, it’s theirs, you’re always on time; their not. Their beliefs and feelings matter to you, yours don’t to them. Your understanding and sympathy of them matters, but from them to you, nah; that don’t matter. Hmm, what to do, you forge on doing the best you can. Well the actions of humanity always reaches home, don’t it.
Yeah, some weeks ago I made a commitment, it’s that Nice guy thing, I can take more stuff on the chin than most people I know; and without getting drunk, or selfishly or belligerently mad. But the people that want the attention, to fill more than a simple need like a ride to work, they want you to leave your own Faith, feelings of life, whatever at home. But they can’t see where your peaceful life comes from, nor will they ask, the answer may be more about God than they have the temperament and guts to talk about; and they hate religion.
You being the Nice guy can understand, because you don’t like religion, but you do believe in God and live in your Faith; they don’t care, unless you leave in the middle of your commitment, like that ride to work, just kick them out at the curb halfway between points A and Z. But for today, I was the Nice guy, and I even bought the coffee.
I committed to taking time in the middle of the day, all seven of them, to check on some dogs and a cat, I dont really mind, at the end of my visit in the middle of day, the cat and I just hung out watching Fast & Loud, well I did, the cat just laid on my lap while I pet her.
The part that made me bite my tongue, was I was asked if I could still take care of the cat and dog’s, well I hadn’t heard from them in a long while, well weeks anyway. So I said yes, then I asked, when was the last time we spoke to one another? They said Friday before last! I left the conversation there, because it was three weeks ago, it was dinner, movie and coffee; and I picked them up and took them home. No, this wasn’t a date, it was a father daughter time, no I love you, kiss my . . . nothing. The second thing that made me bite my tongue, was that the two other dogs, they belong to my ex-wife; now that’s being Nice.
But walking through their garage I spotted something, an ornamental yard thing that’s put out on Thanksgiving, a sign that says: Give Thanks. I had to wonder, do they understand what the Pilgrims were thankful for, and to whom the Pilgrims were sending their thanks to? It seems like in life, there’s always a question about something, the questions come out of nowhere at times, even the darkened corners of a garage. But if they are to be giving thanks on Thanksgiving, then, what’s wrong with my giving thanks every day; it don’t make any sense to me. Sure is frustrating at times, but it keeps me calm, and my thanks to God has nothing to do with religion; just two good old boys having quality time together.
At times, you feel anger and love, but you’re dealing with friends and family. Sometimes you do get so angry, without showing it, those that you love get nothing but understanding and Nice, it may aggravate you seeing their actions; but you know at times confrontation and anger just isn’t conducive in a relationship. But when you get into your car, you drive down the road babbling to yourself, till you notice that the other drivers are avoiding you; and your not even speeding or weaving about. Must be all the arm waving, maybe it’s summer and your windows are rolled down and everyone can hear you. But that’s the price of being Nice, you don’t harbor anything, you simply forgive; and find a quiet place to unload while you contemplate the day.
Well, I gotta go feed the dogs, because I still believe in being Nice, I’m not afraid of the alternative; but being Nice is simply better. Even if being Nice takes you out of your way.

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