Welcome to Basically Thinking

Welcome to Basically Thinking
Good or Bad, life is filled with both; understanding life is what happens on this site. God willing, if one person is enlightened, then that is a good start to any day; that means the rebuilding of society can begin. Everything on this site is meant to be shared, re-read and understood, and most importantly; it’s meant to spur the health of common sense. The site is independent of popular thought, the site embraces Faith in God and our forgotten historic respect and values to life; and the strength and common decency that was once harbored and valued by the majority of America. This site recognizes the fact, that Good or Bad exist, it’s all human, and the inanimate does not count for much here. So live your day with Love, Respect, and Dignity; and if you don’t want to, then stay home.

I got to thinking that my new Welcome message might be a little harsh or maybe even offensive, I re-read it over and over; I then thought, too bad. Because life is good and bad, in thought of the reality that society has been placing so much emphasis on the atrocities of say a gun, to the point of restricting freedoms of everyone; rather than the real culprit, the human. Then no, it’s not harsh or offensive, not near as offensive as the ignorance of the following portion of society that wants more without any kind of investment; nothing is free, the free life comes with a high price.
The human element is in everything that we do, what’s truly harsh and offensive is the lack of respect and dignity that society lives with, and the lack of common sense in society. Hey, if a person wants to text while they walk across the street against the light, and they get run over by a Diamond Rio, then what can anyone say; they really did deserve what they got, hope the texting was worth the demise.
Common Sense, it has to count for something, no new laws need to be enacted, no money spent on super duper crosswalk lights, the person should not have been texting, if they can text and use a phone, then they should have the brain capacity to know where they are; and the safety factor that needs their full attention.
Independent vs Popular, if popular changes the country and its citizens for the worse, then popularity isn’t worth much.
Look at what popular thought has brought us: Gender fights over Bathroom Rights mixing males and females; and young children trying to understand it all. It’s no longer One Nation Under God, some marriages won’t even include God, it’s not offensive to popularity to exclude God from our lives; because popular is simply a word that explains an action or cause, it’s not an entity that has feelings. People live more for the entitlement state, they don’t have to care anymore, the government will take care it, popularity has never been a good teacher, certainly not a good governing body; but then popular never cares where the money comes from.
Popular, it’s like an unlimited credit card, but everyone knows that the payment will always come due.
Independent, an independent person, at times they aren’t liked, understood, or even accepted. But they are more content with life, their creativity, their substance and learning of life is higher, and quite often; they are more understanding and accepting than the status quo of today’s society. They are very protective of their lives, they stand strong against a threat that means to upset their balance. They share their knowledge of life while allowing the recipient to understand and use what they share. They ask for little, but have allot, because they always respect the good in life, and there’s always room for more good.
If it wasn’t for the respectful Independent people living with dignity and respect to life and the freedoms of true and honest living, we would have lost this country a long time ago.
Flirtatious actions are overrated, be real, but an honest love; wow!
Some people in today’s society have no real idea how important honesty is in any relationship, nor do they have an idea what their lack of honesty makes them look like in their relationships. But with Love, love should always be based on honesty, nothing more, nothing less, because without honesty; No other action will matter. For the love of country, honesty in the love of country will not allow political parties to debase the foundation this country due to popular wayward manners of society; such as ‘Keeping Things Wierd’ in the way that any country conducts itself.
The love of country is dwindling, threatened, slipping away, America is not global, America is a beloved country that once stood on a sound foundation, and will again; when it’s citizens think and understand what they have given away or lost in their following. Many past countries and societies have fallen due to blind societal trust and blind following, making a lack of honest love; equaled only by an honest lack of respect for life.
Algorithm, a set of rules used in problem solving, but being a mathematician is not necessary when thinking about life. But there is room in today’s society to create an algorithm, or an algorithmic equation, without numbers. Some knowledge of the past, the present and the vision of the future is needed. But no fitful dreams, just reality, with an attachment to life and living.
Questions must always be asked in order to find answers, like, do we really want our current progressive state of mind in societal actions to multiply into the future. We need to look at the past and compare the past to the present day. There was so much more dignity on the common level in the past, crimes were down, identity theft was nonexistent, murders were minimal; and people could trust their neighbor.
That was yesterday and its not that way now, the actions that turned a brow back then have multiplied and today are more accepted, the once regulated government is now the dictator of regulations with or without public opinion or vote; we can’t step peacefully into the future without looking at today and the past. That’s how we make the vision of the future, if we keep going the way we are, there won’t be much peace and calm; mainly because we don’t look at or learn from the past.
Making an assessment as to the future without knowledge of the past and present conditions cannot be made, popularity has proven that the mainstream of life is incapable of make that sort of decision. That’s the downside to having popularity drive our lives, leaving popularity to the fashion world would have been a whole lot better than what we have today, where we have allowed popularity in control most every facet of living; right down to whether even Faith in God is acceptable.
In reality of life, it’s in the facing of the truth that the answers are found, from the smallest to the largest aspects of our lives; for which ultimately involves society . . . and Humanity and the Human manners of behaviour.

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