This must be a Childproof world, or it might just be my day

This must be a Childproof world, or it might just be my day

I love Kit-Kat bars, but I like them better when I can get the wrapper off.
Now, I don’t have arthritis, never had a problem benching my weight, and I’m all for protecting the young kids out there, because in favor of children; they usually have more curiosity than common sense. But I like my Kit-Kat bars, and when I want one, I want to eat it now; I don’t want to fight the wrapper.
I’m not picking on Kit-Kat, really it’s a good deal of snack food wrappers, try watching Cheese Puffs fly all across the floor, or those good Sea Salt and Vinegar chips. You open the bag the best you can, the bag just rips down the side and everything goes flying; boom, you start to apply the five second rule till the cat or dog hairs get stuck between your teeth.
I do wish there was a cure, it simply ruins my day, it’s disheartening, such a hassle; and all the cleaning up. How often I wish for a better way, some super duper snack food options of opening a package of my favorite pretzels, chocolate chip cookies. It would be a godsend, to find a cure to this problem that faces so many people, people all over won’t open the wrappers until they are back at the office or at home; it’s so embarrassing and degrading to be unable to open a Pop-Tart envelope in public.
For those so afflicted as I am, seemingly intelligent healthy individuals, I saw an ad; oh what a relief. The ad said: does this happen to you? Then it showed a picture and a price, just $19.95 plus shipping, I was so excited; I have to tell you, I ordered fifteen of them, Christmas presents, birthday presents. I was so excited, I could not stand the wait, I said yes, I would like them here in two days, FedEx, UPS, USPS; it don’t matter – two day shipping – Yes!!!
Well I got the package, I took it into the kitchen, couldn’t open the box, fingernails, keys, screw driver; nothing would cut that tape. I got my K-Bar out, it’s got the U.S.M.C. logo on it, my friend gave it to me, he is a part of the prestigious part of the military; somehow I feel that my friend knew that I would have a need for a K-Bar someday. Yes I got the box open.
I looked in the box, all the struggling with the tape, my excitement, I must say that I was breathless looking at the packing slip and what lay under it. My joy, my glee, my excitement was dwindled like a candle flame in a storm; well, everybody this Christmas, they get a brand new pair of scissors this year.
I’d truly be disappointed . . . . if this were true.

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