First off, SSI is not, I repeat NOT an Entitlement like people are saying, like other expenses from our Socialist government, you invest in SSI; they take the funds out of everyone’s paycheck.
Social Security, it used to be thought that as long as people were working then there wouldn’t be a problem, there would always be enough funds in the SSI system to cover the needs of the working American public; it is a logical thought. But more of a logical thought than reality, mainly because the politicians through the years have been robbing the SSI coffers right and left, yes you can read that as Right and Left (Republican and Democrat). But now there’s talk of getting rid of SSI by both sides of government, so much for A Government For the People by the People.
Not a good idea, you want a revolution, there you go, people that have paid into the SSI system for forty to fifty years are waking up to what people were talking about back in the 1970’s; well, they’re finding out that they should have been listening more and talking more back then. Figure that if the politically correct get their way, then thousands upon thousands of dollars per working class person will be lost forever; leaving corrupt politicians held unaccountable for their theft or fleecing of the public. Equate that with the taking over of your bank account, the governmental agencies can already do that, few are talking about the fact that they can; but the lack of conversation doesn’t make the topic any less true.
Well politicians, no matter the party, Left or Right, I did not work and watch all the money the fools through the years took out of my paychecks, when my family and I could have used it more; just to see it all get taken away. Right now thanks to the last few decades of political bedlam, we have turned this country into a rob Peter to pay Paul medicine show; snake oil salesmen all of them. At times, along with the politically correct portion of society, also with the ridiculous silent majority; we the American citizens as well as our own government; are the biggest scammers, but to think that we scam ourselves is a bitter pill to swallow.
But the above is the main factor as to why Socialism coupled with the Progressive movement has such grasp on our lives, the citizens blind following; and the Lefts ability to sweeten the bitter pills of life. They do paint a pretty picture, but due to their shadowed corruption; they just can’t and won’t deliver. If they do deliver, it’s going to cost the public astronomically in the end; the governmental agencies run off our money, they don’t run off their money; and they spend our money foolishly because they can; the citizens fear, stupidity and complacency makes it easy for the governmental agencies to be wasteful. The sad fact is that the governmental agencies as well as the public refuses to care, they’d rather be lazy in thought; or they’d rather be blind in their following of political correctness.
So much of the the elder citizens in society are being forced to live on less and less, forsaking needed medications, insurance mandates, taxes; all because of political injustice and greed. To ask the working public to think of their futures when voting is futile at best, people want their Now to be comfortable; where right Now while they have their health, company insurance, they should be thinking of their futures. The health as well as the company insurance will someday end, leaving some people unable to work, surviving on what’s left of their savings; unfortunately with non caring scrupulous people (fellow citizens) guiding them in their new found but unwanted lives.
So, look at the Health Bank Account that the public is swilling in their blindness, you retire today after forty plus years of working in America earning the American dollar honestly. They ban the SSI system, in that system there should be, give or take, there should be thirty thousand plus dollars or more to work from; give or take. What happens to that money, where does it go, can you trust the government to transfer the funds collected into your health insurance account when they don’t have the money to transfer because they robbed the coffers years ago. But you have to think, more and more people are finding out that the magic year of retirement is changing from sixty five years of age to seventy years of age; because there is no money in the system, so all you young workers will have to stay in the workforce longer so that Paul can repay Peter. Welcome to the Socialist / Progressive government, and we should worry about career politicians losing their jobs if Mr Trump gets the public vote; not on a bet.
The only thing left in the system is Obligation to the citizens, once they get rid of their Obligation; the governmental agencies no longer have to feel guilty for their robbing the coffers of the SSI system. The cost of survival then gets passed on to the public, but cutting the size of the governmental agencies, cutting out the waste of the governmental agencies, at that point; the governmental agencies could very well match the SSI dollars that the citizens invested into their own futures with say a five dollar to one dollar ratio, now that wouldn’t be bad. And, it would be good for the economy, because the elderly would have more money to spend, but the citizens shouldn’t concern themselves with such thoughts; because such thoughts are not politically correct, but a bigger more wasteful government is politically correct.
The plight of American elder citizen’s never matters till the masses get to the point of retirement, it’s been that way for years, so has the silence in America, but blind acceptance should, no matter how malignant and cancerous the blind acceptance is to future generations; blind acceptance should matter. But believe me, if I were to be like the following society, and not care; then I wouldn’t writing this would I?

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