Aiming for Normal

Aiming for Normal

Life is like taking your favorite rifle to the gun range, setting everything up, getting comfortable; then aiming for the bullseye. Some adjustments here and there on the scope, you can and will hit the bullseye, doing it every time; well that’s always uncertain. But hey, we’re human, there’s no such thing as the perfect human; that’s why we have to practice and strive for perfection.
Life, filled with Normal, not these days.
First off Normal is a little more peaceful than what we see today, it’s more balanced, gratifying in most all respect to life; yep, not today. But then, it is a personal view of Normal, society is filled with personal, the selfish kind of personal; like I’m mad so I can destroy whatever I want, umm that’s not Normal ~ that’s insane.
But the more that a person aims for Normal, the more they see of themselves, maybe that’s why people are more closed minded and ridiculously accepting these days, they don’t care or they don’t like themselves; leaving the mess for someone else to clean up. But who’s cleaning up the mess, the government, the church, how about the Save the World or Adopt a Highway crowd’s? Good luck with them, if it’s not enough funds or manpower then it’s agenda driven mentalities that take society further away from Normal. But it’s simple, don’t create or accept a mess, on a personal level or otherwise.
If societal actions were acceptably viewed as garbage, on a society level, political level, or religious level, or whatever level, and the garbage truck broke down; people today would get tired of the societal mess very quick. I always told my children, their responsibility is to never leave a mess for others to clean up, and not to clean up the mess of others. These days, they’d be permanently hunched over by their twentieth birthday picking up the mess of others; leaving them little time for a better education. But I also taught them, like camping or fishing, wherever you stop, you leave the area cleaner when you leave, for the next visitor to the area; I taught them that mainly because I love our great outdoors, it’s an effort to keep the outdoors great, and free.
We’ve all got something that’s distant from Normal, and we certainly live in a world that has stepped far away from Normal, but with the societal rather than a more personal view of Normal; the face of Normal is becoming very unclear. But that’s because people call anything Normal, it can’t work that way, it just can’t. Some person with five DUI’s, they park their car in someone’s living room, you can count on two things, One: the public will call it Normal due to the lacking standards on a societal level. Two: the person who owns the living room, the accident due to the DUI driver, the owner of the living room will think it’s a crime in the first order.
So step away from society, and dig a little deeper on a personal level, seek the true face of Normal, as it pertains to your life; then once you think you know what Normal is, go outside or turn on the news. Normal is not what society or the world is doing on a daily basis, Normal is mature, it’s calm and peaceful, it’s respectful and dignified. Can’t get all that from a bottle or a needle, people have to strive for Normal on a personal level. This is not a life that comes with a corkscrew when we are born, strangely though to the belief of some, it doesn’t come with a brain that has to be used in a constructive manner that does not include crimes of any sort.
Seeking the elusive balance of Normal and life is hard to do, too many scammers out there that want your money, if your a millionaire, you’re going to have more businesses contacting you, along with even more friends that you never ever knew. Politicians want your vote, not because of you as a person, but rather to further their agenda that will ultimately stifle some part of your future or your grandchildren’s future. And, if you have a pick-up truck or a pool, you will always have friends. None of those things equates to balanced or Normal; it equates to greed and some scrupulous person or persons using you, but not any form of Normalcy.
Today, Normal or Normalcy is elusive, because people in their following everything have no real idea what they are throwing away in the life they are living. Go back to the Yuppie movement, they made a good deal of money, they screwed up the economy, they drastically changed the ethics of the business world; but if they honestly tell anyone, they will say that they don’t have very many real friends, and possibly none that they can trust. But then, people think fad following ways are Normal.
Sooner or later, everyone has the chance to live alone in the aftermath of their own actions, living alone in their own pity party, a bit like looking at their own silhouette; all dark and empty. Then the motion picture plays, yeah your back pages, the understanding of We Are What We Accept becomes so very clear, as does the many times we took the sledgehammer of life in our own hands; then repetitiously beat the strength out of our own personal foundation’s. All because Normal is boring? All because following the popular bend made life easier?
Or, we could seek the Normalness that gets so taken for granted, and when that alone time comes, we will have a whole lot less regrets and whole bunch of happy memories to look back on; the one thing that we will be thinking then, a lot of the good memories, and they really didn’t need to come with all the popular bells and whistles after all; go figure.

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