How Long?

How Long?

It seems like people today have to live double lives, not like criminals or shady politicians; but double nonetheless. It’s more like, one life is content, the other is not as content. But it’s only through Choice that people have to live that way, like people calling out to God in the hard times, but ignore God in the good; it’s a choice, a deeply personal choice.
Divorce or the death of a spouse, oh get another person in your life, within a week; well where is the love in that thought. So within that week, we are supposed to be all happy go lucky, just so blissful with life like nothing has happened. The only problem, is that we all have to be somewhat alone at some point, that’s when happy go lucky goes flying out the window and sadness fills our heart, soul and mind. We’d better know how to handle the bitterness of life, if we are going to have a chance at regaining the sweeter parts of life.
Aanger, now there’s one for you, we can’t show honest anger these day’s; that would be too radical or offensive. Well if Christ could get mad at the money changers, turning their tables upside down; then so can us mortal humans, we just have to make sure it’s just. It’s that just part, you go to work every day, earn every dollar you make with hard work while others don’t, and then you speak out, your mad; your the one that gets canned, because you’re too volatile and you are upsetting to the other workers. But yet we look at all the societal garbage, and say nothing.
Our loved ones, we love them, want the best for them; but we can’t be their minds and hearts. You say something, they get mad, you’re then something bad, but if they say something that honestly hurts you, your feelings or whatever; it’s Buck Up Little Buckaroo time. Like you’re not supposed to feel anything unless it’s love and gladness for them, are they any less human than you are; heck no they aren’t. But you go home bewildered, or maybe a little upset because you didn’t mean to upset anyone’s fragile Apple Cart, it was all idle conversation; and they got mad over ~ something ~ or whatever.
Forgiveness, boy, talk about bewildering, forgiveness is bewildering. Should I forgive, or shouldn’t I forgive; it’s like picking pedals off a daisy, at least for some it is. Being hurt by someone’s actions is part of living, it’s being human, but carrying anger or disgust for someone only hurts the person toting the baggage on their souls; that’s where forgiveness comes in. It’s a release of the unneeded baggage so that you can move ahead in life, leaving the burden of baggage for the person that hurt you. In your silent hours, you trip constantly on the baggage of life, unless you forgive and move on, I have forgiven a good deal of people in my day, but the one thing they never get; is directions to my best fishing hole and information on the best bait to use. Looking at forgiveness in that light, I like the peace in my life, I won’t jeopardize a peaceful day fishing with the baggage I don’t need to carry.
Time, ah, it should never be wasted, but, sometimes it just feels good to kick back and relax. Mostly though, time should always be spent listening and understanding, people or the environment, it’s no matter; time is important, and shouldn’t be wasted. It’s like the two sides of a coin, some people never take the time to understand life, they only see one side of the coin, others, they see both sides of the coin; now they are the people that understand life. But they invest the time, to re-read, to study, to practice, they invest the time; then they apply what they have learned to life or whatever project they may have at hand. Time investment in learning and understanding life, it’s always better than wasting time; then living with the alternative.
One way street, we’ve all been on them. When dealing with people, one way streets are common; but when dealing with people we have to remember how one way streets feel. I know I hate the human one way streets, like it’s my way or the highway. Been to hardware stores, tell the person helping me what I am looking for, they don’t listen with intent, they try to lead me down a path to what they are thinking; more often than not, my job doesn’t become any easier, I’m happier just wandering through the store on my own. Life is no different, if you want life insurance, and the insurance company is selling water the day you walk into the office; well they will try to sell you water. If your dealing with friends and family, they expect you to live by their standards with respect, but so often they don’t understand your standards, no matter how good your standards are. It always amazes me that they never see the respect you show them by not getting mad at them, even though you could.
How much should anyone pay, okay, you made a mistake, you didn’t rob a bank, sell drugs to kids or kill someone; but you made a mistake. So how long are you supposed to pay for your mistake, and what’s the cost. Years ago, I knew someone that got in the middle of a slight accident at a gathering of some kind, someone spilled something on them, they never let the person forget what they had done; talking years of reminding. What a miserable way to live, it was an accident, sure, everyone’s attire cost something, but the person that did the accidental spilling, you would have thought they took the victim of the accidents birthday. Where’s the understanding, the victim of the spilling has made their fair share of mistakes, so Who’s the better, certainly not the victim. I never wanted that person ( the victim of the spilling ) as a friend, I just don’t deal well with people like that, everyone starts out green as grass; and everyone makes mistakes, it’s just the way life works.
When Using fails to be love, that’s what happens in this day, but friends and family should know the truth of the statement; When using fails to be love. Using anyone is so messed up, dang near inhumane, but people do so; and without thought. But with time spent in understanding, it grows easier to walk away; people just can’t understand that you could just walk away. Makes a person wonder what the shallow people see when they look in the mirror, is it like booga booga; or is it like gee everyone wants to be me. Who knows, but it does seem like shallow people are full of themselves. Guess the question would be, what are the Users of the world going to do when the people get tired of being used and say: Not anymore in my lifetime, be gone with ya!
The two lane road, never fales, there’s more people on a two lane road, if seeking substance in life is the goal, then life’s two lane road is the best life road to be on. But then today, a person’s got to be choosy as to the people they allow into their lives, we’ve got more people that holds more compassion for Manson than they do the brutalness of abortions. Kinda hard to know who your dealing with, without an understanding of life, or; you allow the person into your home. That will bring life’s lessons home. Not everyone is a Manson, but then they don’t have to be a Manson; that is to make your life miserable. But it’s always your loss if one side strays from the quality of life, and you stay the considerate nice person, but how long does a person have to be nice, in the midst of abuse of any kind. For some people it takes forever to learn how long, in the short of it; when they get good and tired of being stepped on for being the nice guy. Just know the sin is on the bad, not the good.
Be a little guarded when someone tells you, I’m there for you; because in the hour of need, you can count those gutsy people on one hand. Therefore, it’s got to be you, but taking the time to understand life, and all that life entails, that’s a lesson you will learn early on. A life lesson well learned, in your life, the amount of substance in your life; it all boils down to you. Just like the How Long part of all this, no matter how much society, friends and family, no matter what they throw at you; it all still boils down to . . . You!

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