Stop being so Sad, Living in Reality

Stop Being So Sad, Living In Reality

“It’s sad to think there are those bad people in the world.” A woman said on the news, she was at a gathering in honor of the latest terrorist attack in Germany. My question is, where has she been living, and my other question, has she forgotten about 9/11 and the other terrorist attacks here in this country? As she should be, the lady was saddened, not alarmed, not mad or even upset; just sad.
Lady, the terrorist are here in this country, it’s nice to honor those innocent victim’s of the ugliness of terrorism; but come into the light of day a little more often. There are always bad people in the world, we walk amongst them, in blind following people vote for them, they do business daily with bad people. It’s the society and world that We Have Become and that We Have Allowed to Become! Plus, terrorist don’t really care who they lie to, or what documents they falsify, they have one thing on their minds; death of the innocent no matter the age, gender or color of skin. They really don’t even care if you believe in God or not, sorry non believers, your not even immune to the acts of terrorism.
Welcome to your new world of offensive Progressive thoughts of don’t offend the Offensive. A truly trash heap of life and living.
But that’s what happens when any society forgets or is not taught true history, their own history, they repeat history; two World Wars and Hitler, and we don’t know that there are bad people in the world? Come on! The biggest rock to live under is always invisible, though that rock is society’s new-age consciousness.
Another lady on the news, she was offended at the vandalism in a cemetery, tire tracks over some of the graves, old tires and other debris strewn about and burnt; again sadness due to all that happened in the cemetery. Her heart was in the right place, but her understanding of who would do such things in a cemetery was misplaced. Watch the news, look at society, it’s not depressing, it’s very understandable; we get what we accept!
Society has allowed the youth to become out of control, sooner or later the youth will drive cars and spread their wrath further out from their parents eye’s; then we hear: Oh no, not my son or daughter, they would never do that. There’s little or no respect and dignity in life today, because it’s not being taught, so now the youth of the country get past the age of driving, now they can vote. While some of the country’s youth may grow out of stupid; some just wont, because they don’t really have to! They have the Sanders Clinton future where the government will pay for everything, the only problem is, is that we have a government of the people; so who again is going to pay the tab? The people will, till they get tired of doing so.
For some parts of society, I am reminded of a friend’s words, “If they knew sickum, someone would feed them!” Those parts of society are being fed on the working class dollar while they head for the protest line to further the Socialist agenda, then they head to the shelter after smoking a bowl.
Wouldn’t life be better if we all lived in more observant consideration of respect and dignity, better standards, and common sense; than to look at the atrocities that we see with such sadness and lame confusion?
In dealing with the atrocities of humanity, sadness without understanding is as much a wasted emotion, as the living of life without understanding is a selfish act. This is not your own personal world to take for granted, nor is the society yours to take for granted; both belong to everyone, that’s why we have standards to live by. But we can’t see the need, that invisible rock sure blocks the view of an honestly good life that everyone should be striving for; but then Keep it Weird right, let’s just see how far we can push the insanity envelope before we all sit down in a cry-fest on the curb of life.
Mock on mockingbird, the tree limb is full of blind fluttering birds going nowhere fast.
It’s not out of the norm to be mocked, ignored, or scoffed at when the decision has been personally made to live independent from the more accepted ways of living. Today, if any person truly takes a look at society while they walk or drive down the street, they have no choice but to see or hear the dysfunctional society that we are living in; but just try to say something truthful about what you’re seeing.
To return to my childhood would be a relaxing treat, no thin skinned attitude towards life, no thoughtless actions like trashing a cemetery by driving over graves, and bad people were seen and dealt with. And sobriety in life and its meaning was paramount, now days, it’s just not that way, between the poor me, and the so sad people in society, and the confirmed people that stand strong against this dysfunctional life that society has chosen; the distance of thought between the two is atrocious.
In the latter, the strong really do want a peaceful less restrained life, unlike the more dysfunctional following herd of society that creates more laws and popularity in what’s dysfunctional in pure acceptance. But, the stronger people understand that the peace and tranquility they wish in their lives comes with a price, it’s called involvement. That price is what’s being silenced in society, by the dysfunctional majority. The followers of today will awaken one day, they will understand then the difference between yesterday’s good in life and living, and the societal landfill they are living in today; I sure hope they like what they see.
Because they really did create all of what will be at their feet.

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