Custom or Kustom?

Custom or Kustom?
(A love story)

Cool or Kool?
Anyone can buy a car, one that has the bell’s and whistles like mag wheels, sound system, lights; right down to a slick interior. Just go into a dealer and sign on the dotted line, then deal with the sticker shock. But if you want your personality to show through the car payments, then you have to make the car your own, otherwise, the car will look like everyone like it on the road.
Making it your own is where custom becomes kustom, and cool becomes kool, leaving that other cool where it belongs; in the freezer where it can stay cold. No, it’s not a play on words, it’s just history, even Car-Nuts have misplaced some of their history. Cool, well Kool is Kool, and chrome don’t get you home, but personal modifications, if done right will always get the trophy to take home.
I’ve mentioned the 242 before, it’s a contented labor of love, filled with the spirit of one very beautiful Lady, everything done with the 242 is done with time and thought; I have always believed while she walked, worked, or sat beside me on any road, that she deserves time and thought. The fact that she is in heaven now, will never mean that she still doesn’t deserve time and thought.
Door panels, the mundane parts of the car for some, they get kicked, drinks get spilled on them, all those scratches; door panels get so beat up. The 242 had stock ones, I can now say that they had the stock ones. I now have kustom door panels, made out of love, thought and a balance between kustom made parts, and Volvo parts from two different models from years apart of the different models. Tastefully assembled to be modestly attention grabbing door panels, as in are they stock, where are the window cranks, where are the switches, those armrest are not for electric windows.
Subtle but impacting, that’s the difference between custom and kustom, the difference in the smoothness involved in the flow of changes. But impatience is not a part of kustom, impatience is a part of custom that’s purchased and bolted on. In my case, complete new door panels were cut and made, then the armrest from the crank up windows were chosen because of the flowing lines. Then I cut, beveled, and polished two different plates for each side that will have a light in them, and the armrest has been modified for a red safety light when the door is opened at night. The trim, door latch, and armrest are all that people will see, just polished aluminum and stainless against a black door panel; kustom.
Money was saved because I did it myself, the thought process took time because of design and the fact that I had to make the fasteners for the trim, and I have the desire to please the spirit of the love of my life; see I made a commitment to our togetherness and Love. I want her happy!
One of the things that helps, is that I keep scraps of metal, screws and bolts, things I need in order to step away from the other like cars, to not be like everyone else with another 242, she wasn’t like everyone else; so why should the 242 be like any other 242.
But all the custom vs kustom, it’s a whole lot like life. It’s the small things in life that are often kept, those special little parts of life that remind us of the betterment in our lives. Like the trim on the door, one end I designed to be longer, but after looking at it for a while, I made it shorter; now it fits better as if it was meant to be. Now that is like the love we shared here on earth, we still share across that unseen bridge that love builds and one day will be shared in heaven.
I don’t go with the flow, never have, I learned to not follow the flow before I left high school, the people back then bored me; and quite honestly they still do. But what I build and create, that doesn’t bore me, it’s peaceful and comforting at times; at other times, it clears my mind and helps me sleep better. But believe me, it’s gratifying when someone compliments the love I put into the 242, even if they don’t know that it’s love that they’re looking at; but, she’s worth the effort, and I’m happy with the work. The 242DL, now built with an abundance of Love and honest sweat and blood, the 242DL is soon redesignated with the numbers and letters 242NG; just for that Special Lady that’s still the best part of me.
Now that’s Kool!

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