Where Were You Then?

Where Were You Then?

The masses are showing their true faces more and more, all the protesters against Mr Trump, all the people that want the American life with no skin in the game; but why, why now? It’s like a cowboy that has a thousand dollar saddle with no horse to put it on, or no cowboy-limo to put the saddle in. And the fights between potential voters, not the childish mud slinging between the candidates that everyone said was so undignified, but fist to cuffs fighting; proving that chaos is just around the corner no matter who wins.
Where were you when the Clinton debacles came to the forefront, Whitewater, the Oral Sex in the Oval Office, not to forget their own histories as power grabbing progressive socialist leaders, where were the “good protesters” then, where were the masses then; they were silent or they were telling jokes about the blue dress. Can’t let a good disaster go to waste, oh let’s blame Mr Trump for the fights, give the Sanders Clinton campaign’s the attention they want; what a lame society.
And the latest president, no one questions his backdoor motives that will involve this country, it’s masses, and the Constitution, the masses are so enthralled with the “first Black President” that they have lost sight of the office he holds, and his non American views and actions while he exploits the Constitution. Where were the voices then, they were explaining away or justifying his presence in all of our lives; regardless if we wanted him or not. Male or female, I don’t care which, but the next president has no place in our government if they are progressive, socialist; or refuse to stand-up for the Founding Fathers and their Documents.
I switched from the family democratic progressive manners with the Clinton administration, and never went back; and don’t intend to! It’s not like all presidents didn’t have their down falls, they’re human, down falls are inevitable; but they publicly lied to the public, and the public overlooked the Clinton’s actions of covering up Bills undignified actions in the Oval Office. The democratic party never stood to attention against his actions, believing that impeachment doesn’t mean kicking the guy out of office; that was a slap in the face of society, and society didn’t care. But now days, just say [snot rolling] and the masses will get offended, it’s sad!
But it doesn’t stop there.
Glass manufacturing, thats just the tip of the iceberg, it has now been proven that the ground around the glass plant in the Portland area are not a threat to health. But in the coming years, more manufacturing plant’s will be under attack from the so-called Environmentalist, now that’s bad for the economy, that’s just a given fact; but logic dictates that the economy effects the working families in this or any country. Jobless families are a problem now, it don’t matter, save the world at any cost even if the cost is human; is that really the mentality that we should have, say over having Responsible Stewardship in our own lives. Now equate that to personal freedoms.
Well if the glass manufacturing plant’s have been proven Not to be the culprits, then who and what is. The public for one, they don’t want to look up at the truth, they want to blame something or someone down here; blindly believing that Chemtrails are a Conspiracy Theory. Nah, they’re condensation trails that just happen to go in both drastic curved and straight crisscrossing line’s across the once peaceful blue sky; and last for hours. Yeah, those pesky Contrails, but who’s paying for them, and who is speaking out against Chemtrails; certainly not the environmentalists that are out there trying to save the earth. But for who are they trying to save the world for?
The shootings and killings, from robberies to anger, all the way to road rage and drugs; it’s far easier to blame anything from a gun to a rock than to police our own actions, not with laws but rather personal dignity and respect. We live in a society that promotes everything they say they hate, from the health issues, over taxation, over restrictive laws, too much pornography to simple trashy thoughts and words, in the fickle actions of society; we have a hate and love relationship for everything we pimp and accept or allow. The drama of it all, a political cash cow.
But it most always comes down to money, we can close our minds and eyes for anything that makes money or feeds an out of control government, as long as it makes our life better. But what about our neighbors, love the world, spread the love, just don’t make the citizens that are the We The People that make up the Government for the People by the People responsible in any manner. Welcome to Yuppieisim. Is anyone willing to look at the Progressive / Socialist movement and ask: Why, with all the laws that they have passed, that go against the Constitution, that restrict Life, Freedoms, and Civil Liberties; why has life become worse or more restrictive? Because money talks, I have no problem with the rich of this country, but I do have a problem with reckless abandon and disrespect for the country and its people’s that made the candidates or parts of corporate America rich, and no I’m never going to endorse Bernie or Clinton.
It really isn’t some phenomenon, some unexplained thought process that we are seeing; it’s what’s being taught in schools from kindergarten all the way through to the upper schools of higher education. The lack of God in our lives, in fact God is denounced, shoved into the janitors broom closet. But the masses follow the silencing of God in our lives, it’s too much like church to say at the end of a good day, filled with learning, productivity, creativity; to say God sure blessed this day. Someone would say that’s offensive, or that there is no God, but accept it or not, having Faith in God is not offensive, and those that think so, it’s their loss.
Wayward takes on life, depressed anger filled attitudes, fear and disheartening measures taken when dealing with the masses, while in some ways the above are logical; but most importantly, they show more of a lack of God. So is God dead, in some people’s lives the answer would be yes, but God is not dead, he is more misunderstood and unacceptable; it’s foolish really, breaking it down to the nut, such thoughts prove that people follow more than they personally learn life. But why follow the ilk of life and not the good, it just doesn’t make any sense.
It irritates me the poor me crybaby actions of society that is so common, the fears that people live by, the whole lack of understanding what they are seeing evolve in their lives through governmental or societal means; accepting all the parts of society that they hate while calling this life normal. But when all this taking the human equation out of life, when standards no longer matter, when your paying for every thing in society through the obesity of the current progressive thought patterns; when everything comes down to a ridiculous amount of what you already hate to see in your lives, what will your answer be when asked?
What will you say, will it be the truth about a life of following, allowing, and blind acceptance because you are too busy to understand the life and the ilk we all have no choice but to see; what will you say when asked, Where Were You Then?

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