Placing the Blame

Placing the Blame

Citizen’s around the world, listen up; it’s time to accept the Blame!
Far too much history is being repeated today, if you think Hiroshima was bad; then think again. As horrific as that day was, Einstein would be appalled at the progression of science in the making of the bombs that are being made and used today. Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein
We are repeating history at an enormous rate and price, only this time, due to our current society and government, we are allowing the atrocities to land on our shores; where we should be, is stopping those atrocities dead in their tracks where they begin. Albert Einstein, he was not happy with the use of his knowledge and work in the aftermath of Hiroshima, he was saddened, he felt guilty to a degree; he did not like the outcome.
Sadly in this society, so much of society can not, or they refuse to; contemplate and understand the outcome of what they are doing. Not just from alcohol and drug abuse, or the lifestyles that leads to abortion, for which both lead to depression and more alcohol and drug abuse; it’s the outcome that people refuse to look at, but will ultimately have to deal with. In Einstein’s words, it is insanity, and today society is bathing in insanity.
When all hell breaks loose, this country and the world will be in rubble, there will be destruction everywhere, from the EU to the U.S., and so far beyond. No matter where you live today, at that point; who are you going to blame for the demons you can’t hide from. It had better not be God that you blame, because he was banished by this Progressive / Socialist dictates of a society that you allowed and wouldn’t stand against. No, the Blame falls on the citizens, not God!
Right now in society we have family members that won’t talk to other family members, because of divorce, drugs and alcohol abuse, religious beliefs, sexual orientation; the excuse are many including rich or poor. Families will disown and shun family members for the smallest of reasons, then go to church on Sunday and pray to God to bless their own lives, never seeking forgiveness or a better understanding of life; then they may go outside and preach Peace and Love for the world.
The same people vote in the same manner as they live in their personal lives, they have dysfunction at home and spread that dysfunction out to the masses; a very acceptable process in a dysfunctional society. Those same people believe all the Progressive / Socialist mantras, they preach those mantras to the point that they lose sight of the reality of mankind while blaming rocks to guns never looking at mankind; that loss always ends in confusion and depression. Proving that repetition can change the world, not always for the better, repetition also leads to a lack of constructive conversation; constructive conversations are degraded today for the common person to have, it’s sad such what following manners have taught the citizens of today. It appears now that Albert Einstein was right!
Oh how I would love to fill this site with lovely beautiful words that will transport the reader to a calmer place in the mind, but I can’t, I have never had the foggy goggles of life on, the truly thought provoking parts of life will not allow me to escape the ilk of life simply by words; or idioms such as Peace and Love, or Make Love Not War. Life never did work the way it was thought of by the followers of the Hippie movement, but it must be remembered, the Hippie movement was a Fad, it lasted for only a limited few years; but the Progressive / Socialist mentalities have been chipping away at America and it’s Constitution relentlessly long before and long after the Hippies hung up their beads and bobble’s.
The chipping away at our foundation by a mindset that is just short of Communisim still continues, and will till it’s stopped. Yes the Progressive / Socialist elite loved the years of Hippie, and still do, getting people to Tune In and Drop Out is an open door for the Progressive / Socialist, how’s it feel to be duped; they made it legal so smoke some more pot and escape the reality of your life.
Like today, and back in the time of the Hippie movement, the Progressive / Socialist mentalities swallowed up the drug induced following parts of society at their own gluttonous pleasure and pace; just as if those involved in the Hippie movement were their own to consume. And now, a good portion of the Hippie movement are holding office in local and national governments, they’re heads of business, teachers of our youth; they are exploiting the very freedoms that they once denounced, they have become the establishment they once hated. That is, till the public wakes up, learns the stench and burden of following what they never really tried to understand. Until that understanding becomes a reality, They Own You, that’s the short of it; the rest of the reality is waiting for the outcome.
ISIS, China, Russia, the European Union, the Progressive / Socialist mentalities and movements they can be no louder or deadly a shot heard around the world than the deafening silence of blind ignorance. They have no loyalty, they have no dignity or respect for life, manipulation and disconcerting manners are their driving wheels, and mindless following dupes their army, their fuel. If looked at, like a spreading cancer, for humanity, the cancer must be isolated; then the cause is found and the seeking of the cure begins.
But on a human scale, the cancer is humanity, but then the cure is also humanity; hence the conundrum: do we simply fade away or do we fight to hold on to the good of life. Or do we simply follow the Progressive / Socialist mindset, as blind followers of accepted mediocrity as we Make Love Not War; simply ignoring the truth and the outcomes of the lies we have been told. America, the Home of the Brave, the Land of the Free, where Hero’s Raise Above mediocrity, even when they are being called the dissident rebel, if the strength of the Forefathers were to be seen and felt today few would know what to make of it; but then there is always . . . tomorrow?
Our president after Rapping complete with the hand gestures and body moves, he said that our Forefathers would be proud of the way our government and country is heading; sorry, but they wouldn’t be. In given time, his words will be proven to be used more for manipulation than truth; in truth Mr President, you can’t destroy the Constitution, without destroying America. You and your followers, in front of, or behind your closed doors, you have simply without restraint from the masses of society; exploited the Constitution. No Mr President, our Forefathers, my Forefathers, this country’s Forefathers would not be proud.
Not often do I ask, but if I had the brass to write it, and you don’t like the path this country and the world is on, then pass it on.

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