Would You Like To Wait And See?

Would You Like To Wait And See?

We’ve all been doing that, waiting, for eight years, but with the Bush’s, and the Clinton’s added in, it’s been a whole lot more than eight years; it seems like the answer would be a resounding … Yes, we will wait! One thing is for sure, America got Change, actually, America got Changed, and not for the better.
Heard two people talking about the politicians still in the race, oh I’m for the Democratic party, oh but I’m for the Republican party. So and so actor said this about, this station said that about; well I don’t know how big the political bed is in D.C., but they’re all sleeping in it. It’s like political pick-up and hook-up night down at the local bump and grind bar.
There’s no dignity left visible for the non political citizens to see and trust, all the mud slinging, all the lies, pandering, backstabbing; there’s no longer any real dignity left. Guess George Washington, is still refusing to come back from the grave to run for office; too bad really, but that’s how far we have drifted away from dignity. But you know it’s been said, any government, our government included, is a reflection of the country’s people.
For the past thirty to forty years, it’s been pretty much a progressive socialist run government in this country, and now everything cost the taxpayer so much that they can barely afford Starbucks on a daily basis. SSI is broken, try working for forty five years, then living on just a few hundred dollars a month. And the young people today that want a socialist for president, well, as of now, they will be working till they are seventy years of age before they can collect. Now that’s with the progressive/socialist government that we have, and they want to vote another one in because they continue to believe; in the false promises of the left who only serve their own agenda’s.
Yeah, we got Changed alright, isn’t it something, it was all voted for by the citizens, the worse part is they didn’t care about transparency, remember the word transparency; it was a big word eight years ago. But when the citizenship doesn’t care, then why should the lowly politician care, and they won’t care; because when the citizenry doesn’t care, the politicians see that as blank check to feed their agenda. Anybody wanna buy a huge white mansion in D.C., I know a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy, oh you know what I mean.
The point is do we really want to wait and see what’s coming our way, I don’t.
Global Warming, sea levels are higher now, well that may be a given fact. But arsenic and other contaminants are in the water, soil, and foods that we eat, they are higher as well. But the farmer sells his foods for income, as we all know, everyone eats and drinks, and they love to go to the beach.
Now if we have some farmers far away from towns, I would really like to know what they are seeing in their soil samples. The reason why I say that, is because the government isn’t talking about the link between soil contamination, global warming, and chemtrails; the illustrious candidates are not talking also. Now that’s a red flag for even a moron to be thinking about before placing their vote for who’s going to be sitting at the helm of the White House signing executive order after executive order. Not only do we not know what all of those executive orders are for, we as a society apparently don’t care. I know too many Left Wing Democrats that tell me, the president is good and honest, I’m not going to worry about what he does; besides, we have the Constitution. That’s like not knowing a Fox from a Hen, hate to tell ya, but your eggs and a few of your chickens are gone. And that Constitution, they have been chipping away at that too, gun control is just the tip of that iceberg,
So, what are we waiting for, a slow death, from toxic contamination in the ground because we dont care to understand or speak up; is that what we really are waiting for. All while we foolishly place the blame on small town glass manufacturers, but we’re never putting the blame on the citizens lack of understanding, seeking the truth, and blatant lack of concern until their lives get turned upside down.
Then, well then people start wanting bread and cheese to go with their whine, but they want the government to pay for it, but the government IS the populace, the populace IS You and Me; that’s how it works.
Let’s say Mr Trump gets the vote, he is a businessman, he also is the wealthiest person running for president, is he going to put his personal business empire away for four to eight years; while concentrating 100% on the country, the problems, the protection and rebuilding the country back to the strong country it was. Will he do so with same working-class vacation schedule the working-class has, will he do so by putting America and Americans first, before his own needs. Will he be transparent, what would he be doing behind closed doors, will he then as he should be now telling the truth.
What about the rest of them, this country has some serious problems, do we really want to wait and see just how far left this country can be pushed, will it be to the final blow to the Constitution; some say we’re already there.

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