Who Cares?

Who Cares?

Sometimes it comes down to who really does care and in what way they care, someone mixes up a couple of similar sounding words that mean two different things, all by accident; and they’re scorned and called illiterate. Or maybe someone of real age, they say something a little old and dated, like that guy is gay, the guy that is the topic may just be a happy go lucky person, but someone pipes up with the bigot word for a ninety year old person. Gay wasn’t always a politically correct word, and it wasn’t always a bigoted word, at one time before society went in a million different directions; gay really was an innocent word.
Some things just don’t need to be said, especially if it’s derogatory, or causes embarrassment for someone; but we always have to understand, that not everyone plays follow the leader, and they are innocent in their intent.
Moving some neighbors, an older couple, one in a wheelchair, the other is slow on his feet; so they needed the help. Not a problem.
One of the people that was helping out the couple, they led me to the closet beside the bathroom to look at some bookshelves. It’s fairly certain that someone had gone to the bathroom; couldn’t mistake it. But the person showing me the bookshelves, they had to comment on the smell, but, they also had to tell me who made the smell. That knowledge really isn’t that pertinent to my day.
For me it was simple, who cares, with all that’s going on these days, a natural movement of life isn’t going to shake my world any; I’m a little too old for that to happen.
Recently one of the lower ranked politicians while making a speech said that “ladies came out of the kitchen to post banners for him!” One lady took offense to his comment, is that woman really that offended, or is she a heckler, a staunch woman’s libber; most important, does she get just as offended at all the other ilk filled offensive things she sees while driving through town. Does she really care, nah, she’s on a mission. To be honest with you, if things really got tough, I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman that takes my side to fight the good fight, I certainly don’t care if she comes out of the kitchen; but I do care about her awareness and attitude towards life.
In some areas, a soft drink is called a “Soda” while in others, they are called a “Pop.” Both derived from the word, or name if you will, “Soda-Pop,” so depending on who or where you are; be prepared to be corrected. But tell me, who really cares, certainly not me, but if you bring me a cinder block instead of a Pop, I will call ya on your mistake for not bringing me a soft drink.
Who cares these days, about whatever? That really is the question. Are we as a society really all that wrapped up on piddly, that we would rather be offended by piddly, than by say ISIS, or by the acceptance of mankind’s death filled insanity in the sky, if we are that in love with the offensive piddly; then what year is this, 1970??? A time when a balanced society was more in view than the life are living today, it’s like driving through deep dense fog; you talk to someone that’s supposed to know something, they just look at you and say; I don’t know and I don’t care, it’s not my job.
You can take a walk in the desert, and find in the middle of nowhere, no factories, places where it’s even hard to find water in any form; and still find the same disturbing amounts of the same chemicals that are shutting down glass companies; so who really cares about logical thinking. Thank you society, government and chem-pilots wherever or whoever you are for not caring about what’s important.
You can listen to all kinds of music and hear racist views, and even the use of the [N] word, or the [Whitey] word, I find both words, used by both ethnicities, I find both of those words derogatory and offensive. But apparently a portion of society has no cares or problems with the words, you can tell, because the songs they’re used in make millions for the entertainer; and all they are doing is making racism stick around, but they don’t care as long as it sells, or gets the entertainer to a half time show on Super Bowl Sunday.
There’s all kinds of things that needs fixing in the world, in this country, especially in this society, but first we have focus our attention beyond the piddly moronic actions that are so attractive and popular to people these days; and then figure out what really is important in life. No new laws needed, in fact some of the laws could be abolished, but we as a society, as a world, we just need to grow up and stop acting like witless and selfish adolescents long enough to understand; it’s life that matters.

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