What You Can’t Have Without The Other

What You Can’t Have Without The Other!
You can’t have peace without atrocity.
You can’t have happiness without anger.
You can’t have the inanimate without abuse.
You can’t have acceptance without bigotry.
You can’t have life without death.
You can’t have love without hate.
You can’t have envy without crime.
You cant have laziness without pain.
The reality of life, is that we will never have one certain aspect of life without its opposite alternative. But, the contentment in anyone’s life depends on the knowledge of life, and their ability to protect their contentment. In reality, you can’t have reality without understanding reality, or understanding the reality of life. So much like a balanced life, you can’t have a balanced life without understanding the imbalanced parts of life; five minutes of yoga will teach a person that.
Lessons for the Liberalist I guess, you will never have total good in society without the bad; no matter how much bad you try to take away or control. Anytime in history, considering humanity, that when humanity started controlling humanity; well, some sort of rebellion followed. Most all my more liberal friends, including family, they are real good at telling me the best ways to live life, I just have to accept everything as fact, from the need for gun control to the “fact” that Christ was Gay. Where do they get that stuff, and when I say something like: Nah, you follow that stuff all you wish, I’m just fine living life the way I live it, with respect. Funny how I get labeled the dissident.
During and after the 1960’s, when life took a detour into drugs, confusion, turning society into an everything goes society; people were fond of saying that: it’s not a Leave it to Beaver world. In truth, it’s not, never will be, that’s the reality of life. But shows like that, they gave people hope, they let them know that there is some glimmer of normalcy out there in the cold world; something to aspire to beyond the violence, drugs, and anger. Something beyond dysfunction.
Flipping through channels, I caught the Father Knows Best Reunion, sure it’s not a Leave it to Beaver world, but I can tell you this; watching that reunion while looking outside, thinking of family and friends, and all the aspects of such in today’s society. Well it almost brings a sad or remorseful tear to your eye, don’t take that as my being soft though; take it as my being human.
Peoples were stronger then, they weren’t afraid to talk about God and Faith, they took the time to understand life, to respect and nurture the good in life. They understood true loss and loyalty, they were the survivors of two World Wars and a devastating Depression; and through it all, they survived it all. They became Great Grandparents, Grandparents, and Parents, but sadly looking at today’s world; they became the keepers of wisdom that people take for granted, or don’t care to hear and think about. Till, it’s gone!
Don’t bother sharing this, it’d be a waste of your time.

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