What Are You Reading?

What are You Reading?

Dex: Sure cold out there, days so hot you scald and at night you freeze, sure glad you got a fire going.
Rose: It took a little work, the wood was very damp with little meat to it.
Dex: Feels better in here, that I can say, better than last night. What are you reading?
Rose: An old news paper, you will have to look at it, some of the pictures and writing have faded, not hard to make sense of what’s left to read.
Dex: Well, I have today’s hunt hanging high, brought some in for cooking, I’ll get it ready if you wanna read me some.
Rose: What would you like to hear about, there’s politics, crime, a little bit of everything here.
Dex: A little bit of everything, wish I could say that about this meal. Go for the politics I guess, had enough trying to survive the aftermath of the crime we’ve been seeing; something about these mountains, less crime.
Rose: Looks like they had a hard time picking a president, according to the person that wrote this, but they picked one; called the new president the Last Resort. From what I can make of the words that didn’t fade, there wasn’t much to choose from.
Dex: That don’t surprise me, won’t have much in life to choose from when the foundation falls apart. What else do you see there?
Rose: The old war, don’t think God was happy, Israel took it hard; leveled quite a bit of the land.
Dex: Dont think there’s much that God would be happy with these days. Here, let me next to the fire, get this meat cooking.
Rose: Is there any water left that’s worth drinking?
Dex: Yeah, I’ll get you some, got to take it easy on the water, got two or three days left is all. Hope to find some tomorrow or the next day. Say anything in that paper about this desert we’re in? I feel like I’ve been transplanted to another part of the country.
Rose: No, nothing, but they do talk about a draught, said it started early, Sping that is, even the run off came early, some farmland didn’t make it, and there was some cattle lost in a flood. Remember all those people that followed the voice of the day, bet they’re tasting their words now.
Dex: Hope they like crow, a flood though, haven’t seen that kind of snow pack for some time.
Rose: Yeah, I remember my family in the lodges when I was a kid, snow up to my knees; must have been about 73, maybe 74; harsh winter.
Dex: I wonder what’s going to happen to this world, some people on this earth may have it good; don’t know where though. From everything we’ve seen, this earth don’t look like a going concern.
Rose: I know, this area used to be nothing but forest, all the way up to the tree line; the trees are still there but the trees foliage is gone. No matter where you look. Remember that guy, was awarded something, he said that he wouldn’t take the award for granted; and that no one should take the earth for granted. You remember him?
Dex: Yeah I do, can’t remember his name, but he was like so many people, they follow the voice of the day; too bad they wouldn’t look at the truth with as much vigor as they put in their following ways. Oh well, glad we’re up here, and he’s not. What a life, nothing to leave behind but rotted timber, broken down mansions, and rubble; all I can say is that guy better not come begging at our door, if we had one that is.
Rose: Yeah, knock on our dust. That meat smells decent, what is it?
Dex: Kinda hurts to say, they were so revered, handsome animals; it’s wolf. But, the critters are getting slim, not much for choices around here. Yeah, put your faith in mankind and see what you get.
Rose: Ain’t that the truth, I remember the day’s you couldn’t hold a real conversation without some sort of laical brash opinion causing an argument, lame thoughts, they bore me; but now they disgust me. Never thought I’d have to say this, but wolf’s not bad, a little gamey; but not bad.
Dex: Gamey food is great, when it’s all ya got. But what I wouldn’t give to have a slow cooked roast, spuds and all. It’s a shame what this land has become, but with some thought, intelligent conversation, and some stronger independent thinking people; this land might have survived better. Never knew a timber cutter that would do to the land all that we’ve been walking through; they’d be cutting their own throats. This was bigger than you and I, and; sure wasn’t God. Nah, man’s fingerprints are all over this mess; we just gotta survive is all.
Rose: Well, we have a long walk ahead of us, we need to get some rest. How’s that rash doing, I have some salve left, I’ll put some on it then turn in.
Dex: What was the date on that paper you were reading.
Rose: Sometime in 2016.
Dex: That figures, sleep well Rose, we’ll make tomorrow better Rose; we’ll do it together.

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