The One-way Road

That One-way Road
Love’s enduring promise, eternal, everlasting, unconditional promise.
Driving my classic down any road is always a pleasure, it’s built out of love; every change, modification, they’re all done out of love. Not for the classic romance some people have for cars, that means little to me, like the shirt says, “Anyone can restore a car, but it takes a real man to cut one up!” It also takes a real man or woman to build a car out of an Honest Love for that special person in their life, the soul mate and keeper of their heart; a car the loved one will never see, ride in, or drive. A car that evokes every memory two people could ever share, and every wish they could ever wish to share; a car that’s built out of love.
The road isn’t always blacktop, gravel or dirt, sometimes it’s built out of love.
A deeply personal and beautiful road, Nancy and Ronald Reagan drove that road; once they started, they never stopped. Nancy passed away this past weekend, they say it was heart failure as she was ninety five years old; natural causes they said. A fifty year marriage they said, fifty years all wrapped up in love, she didn’t pass from heart failure; it was love, she went home to Ronald’s open arms.
In love, to keep it right, in this earthly life; love is a two-way street. It’s a two-way street because there are two hearts, two souls, two minds; both beating separately while working together. Love isn’t the key to the perfect world, but when two people come together, in an honest love; their love makes the world beautiful. But the Reagan’s stayed true to their Faith in God and Heaven, when asked if she would find Ronald in heaven, she was confident in her answer; it was yes, she would.
That’s the beauty of love if taken seriously, in earthly thought love is filled with passion and romance, thither and fro love, with more control than commitment, today’s love pales in comparison to an honest love; that is so deeply entrenched in two souls.
Love, a capable love, love has the ability to turn a two-way street into a one-way road when one of the two passes; leaving the surviving earthly love here amongst the living. But it’s not a lonely road without a destination or end, it’s more a silent drive in the country than a busy highway filled with racket and clattering relationships between life and death. Hard for some to understand in today’s world, even for those that share in the beauty of love.
The silent one-way road, where road signs are pictures encapsulated in memories of every unison step, every moving minute in the building, investment, conditioning of love; the strength of love, it’s in the outcome. Nightly letters written to heaven, placed in a box for the family to read after, a commitment kept to the earthly end and beyond; promises never forgotten. Peaceful in its silence, the one-way road never the burden in pending years, it’s the keeping busy in the earthly life that’s left before going home. But the pictorial road signs of love, they cater so well to the peace and beauty of a love still shared between two souls.
In my own life, I can not live the way so many do today, godless and faithless; my life is contingent only on heaven, the destination I seek at the end of my one-way road. I can’t see the value of having an earthly life, without a heavenly life with the Beautiful Lady that touches my soul daily. No matter the unseen distance between earth and Heaven, no detours, no enticement’s to sway me to the curb for idle pondering of life now left behind me; leaving only honest messages of life left behind for others to mull over in their life travels. No luggage, to slow me, no loitering gate, no reckless abandon in haste; just simple unseen calm and peaceful flow to my Loves open arms.
How grand the journey, how encompassing the feel, how warm the touch; of loves one-way road. Not relegated to Nancy and Ronald Reagan, love is a gift from Heaven and God, for everyone that breathes in the value of life’s gifts; they took such a gift and nurtured it, never taking the gift for granted in favor of mindless wandering. Before the passing of one, take the time to see, to understand, to feel, to embrace, the beauty of love; do it now, not tomorrow, for tomorrow is all too uncertain. But love if nurtured, what a wonderful and beautiful drive up that calm and peaceful one-way road.

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