The Canard

The Canard

Everyone knows America has problems, but like they say about people with addictions; the first step to getting help or getting healed; is to admit that they have a problem. Well America has to do the same thing.
But people in general have to gain some inner strength, in order to do so, they have to understand the American canard that they are living in.
Judgment without understanding, now that can be dangerous in the long run.
What some people don’t know, Harry Reid, liberal, progressive, he also has an investment in part of the Bundy Ranch, yes, the same people that occupied the Federal Government Buildings in Eastern Oregon; isn’t that fun, he has no problem with his own sitting in jail; and one of his own shot to death. Haven’t heard a word from him, not even about his investment in something the Left hates so much, maybe in his silent hours, who knows, but when he is in his political mode, he’s got problems; but his problems are the same problematic methods used for both sides of congress if they forget what they are there for; the protection of the Constitution and Americans.
Anaheim California, the KKK came out for “White Lives Matter”, as if all lives don’t matter, “WLM” vs “BLM”? Well some guy got stabbed by a hand held flag tip, Confederate flag or an Old Glory they didn’t know; like that really matters, what matters is that a guy got stabbed. Not exactly a peace rally, such morons, the fight was on from the get go, it was like two street gangs going at it. But in the reality of life and living, and all that went on, “BLM” wasn’t all that much represented, more like “Hispanics” vs a bunch KKK members that apparently no longer wear the bed sheet hoodies. Doesn’t really matter, in Anaheim, it wasn’t the brightest day for humanity.
It seems that people would rather feed the insanity, more than they would rather put insanity on a diet of thought. I’m not even calling for Peace, Love, Happiness; or Compassion here. None of those things matter right now, mainly because America has a human problem that no one wants to admittedly look at, we’re losing America itself, when that happens, no matter who you are; no one is going to matter, rights or no rights.
As far as race relations here in the land of the free, we have the first Black American President, but the Race factor was heightened in the last eight years. I don’t care if the president is black or a woman, I never had that luxury in my life. What I care about is easy, freedom, a good economy, a strong presence in the world so that no country attacks this country; and politicians that protects the freedoms and rights of every American.
To put it bluntly, I’m not on this earth to put the steak on any Elitist politicians plate, no American is; the current crop of candidates for president on both sides had better understand and address that thought. Well, when they get done acting like spoiled brats on the debate stage.
It’s that simple, race matters about as much as tall or short, barren trees in the middle of winter, and smelly old gym shoes. What does matter, is the health of this country, and our Constitution and what it originally stood for. It’s the future, that’s what really matters, generations down the road, call it looking past the hood ornament or whatever, if the future generations freedoms and life matters little today, over say pettiness and following, then put a ban on babies now and join the European Union on your own; because if anyone holds little concern for future American generations, then they’re part of the Canard that plagues this country this very second.
Good God, a person has to stand for something, they just do, something better than what we have now; well, don’t they.

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