Sometimes You Just Have To Get Out Of The Tub

Sometimes You Just Have to Get Out of the Tub

When I was a kid I had this little scuba diver, wind him up and he would swim around in the water, I would take the toy to the tub and just jump in; it was fun for awhile. Till I got this kool submarine, put some baking soda in it, it would bubble up, power itself, it was fun stuff. But even that didn’t last, sooner or later, some toys just fail to keep a child’s attention.
It was an old claw foot tub, so it was deep. So one day, I took my face mask, snorkel, and my fins; and got into the tub. I was still just a little shaver, but somewhere between the toy scuba diver and the submarine, and the snorkel and flippers; I had grown, no room for all that gear and me to swim, the tub shrank.
So, it was off to the city pool, people of all ages, running, laughing, having fun, getting yelled at by the Lifeguards for running, I jumped in, and dove for the bottom; I was living the dream. But more and more people were coming to the pool, my dream was being shattered, kids were driving in on top of me, it was time for a change. In came Surfing.
With the help of my uncle I built my first surfboard, I learned how to shape the foam, lay the cloth, spread the resin, it was good; freedom at my finger tips. A friend and I hit the beach running, paddled out, got water logged, caught some waves, lost some waves; but we got better. But soon, we were not satisfied with the small waves, we wanted bigger, further out we paddled; to the outside where the waves were bigger. Oh we were so good on the smaller waves, but the Big waves kicked us around like they owned us; but yes, we got better.
So now, bring on the storms, we rode the tails of storms, watching weather reports, when the waves were right, we would paddle out; twenty-five to thirty foot waves, now that’s Kool Beans. Somewhere along the way, I started looking for perfection, the perfect wave, spent a good deal of time looking for the perfect wave and the perfect ride.
Lessons in life, if we don’t lose sight of the value of life; we will learn life. Nature didn’t care if I lived or died in my search for the perfect wave, but she helped me learn how to read the waves; so that I could ride the waves she gave me better. I never would have learned that by staying in the tub playing with the toys, and stepping into the pool was a lesson also.
The pool like society, people like to show off, and people don’t care who they endanger when they’re diving in from the edge, just as in lifes edge; they just jump in to get their own satisfaction. The swimmers on the diving board, they’re going for perfection, sometimes they find perfection and sometimes they don’t; but they always try again.
But go into that ocean and the world changes, the expanse of nature, nothing like it, solitude, breathing room, creative room; and a constant challenge to be better. There’s no room for fear, only room for doing, the use of knowledge, and riding. In life if we are astute, eyes wide open, from childhood toys in the tub, to earth rattling adventures, if we set our hearts minds and souls, if we use those God given gifts to seek the knowledge of life; then we will learn.
But like the pool, there are those useless people that lay around the pool looking for the perfect tan while doing nothing, but complaining about the children and the noise; all the lack of respect in the public pool. Maybe the best thing is to get in and swim, teach the children how to swim with respect, where they can play safely, maybe that’s the best thing, share in the life; beats thinking just because you have age money or power that you own life.
The lessons of life, from the get go, we are learning life and how to live life, Life 101, the class never ends; never closes. Till we foolishly take a detour, of stupidly, of acceptance, of acquiescence, when we do that we stop learning, we stop living and growing; at that point, we are simply existing.
Did I ever find the perfect wave, I guess the answer would be yes, see I came to realise that there are no perfect waves, there’s just days that are better than others. And that true perfection is hard and next to impossible to obtain, and if perfection is obtained; then it’s done. I no longer look for perfection, in surfing, cars, whatever, I simply strive for better while doing better; while reveling in . . . Contentment!!!

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