Something Dumb

Something Dumb
Sometimes we see something, and all we can do is say something, like that’s just pure stupid; and no, we don’t have to feel bad for what we said. Mainly because what we said shows that we are aware, we know good from bad; and that we aren’t afraid of speaking up.
The other day, a friend and I were driving along, got to an intersection and waited with the other drivers when all of a sudden, a young father was taking his very young son for a skateboard ride; across a busy four lane road, with the child in his arms. Now that’s just stupid, if something happened, that child would fly and land hard. The father was just holding his unprotected son with one arm; no little helmet, no little safety pads, nothing but the clothing the little boy was wearing. For the father, if you don’t have a car for whatever reason, I have two word’s for him; mass transit. Hey dad, it’s better than a hospital visit to see your brain dead son.
Speaking out is not a bad thing, that’s what sets this country apart from other countries; it’s because we have the Constitution that says that we can. But then that’s why we are seeing political factions attacking the Constitution, free speech is seen as a threat in other countries; and people have died in those countries because they said something off color of something like a dictatorship. It’s sad to think we have Socialistic thinking people that want to abolish the Constitution because they believe that the Constitution is no longer relevant.
In reality, our Constitution/Bill of Rights is completely relevant, therein is the rub; our Constitution is too relevant for the controlling minds of the progressive/socialist party. Sooner or later people will understand that reality better, they will also understand the people that follow the liberal view really have been more popular than wise. The wise people in this country are the ones that penned this country’s founding documents century’s ago, while they may have died and been replaced over the year’s, their wisdom wasn’t buried with them; but over the past century, their wisdom received more neglect than nurturing.
When understanding meets the road, it’s not hard to see that the brave souls that formed this country, they were leaving back then the very thing that we are becoming today, we are not that far away from repeating a part of history that few today could lead us out of; without one big fight, not in words, views or politics; but a bloody fight to the end. All because Americans take for granted what it means to be an American, talking a good game about being the tough American citizen is not the same as proving toughness while taking back your country from those the citizenship just handed their Constitutional Rights over to. Getting your Constitutional Rights back will not come easy, there will be a fight, but then that’s what our Forefathers in their wisdom of life were trying to save us from; another Revolutionary War. That’s why the founding documents exist.
I saw a picture of the current crop of candidates for a Northwest city mayor, it was disgusting to be nice in my words of what I saw, what I thought to say was even worse. Go down to a street corner, pick a few people out and put them on a stage for a debate; just as you find them on the street corner. The one that got me was the guy that looked like he belongs to a grunge band, where’s the dignity, the pride in the city; with most of the crop of candidates on the stage, I didn’t see any dignity on that stage. It would be ridiculous to cast a vote for any of them. But then take a look at the presidential candidates, a fine suit of clothes won’t guaranty that America will get the best pick for president, in fact; we might just get worse than what we have now. Now that was pretty much a popularity vote and the charismatic speaker. I heard so often, how nice, the first Black President; the president could be purple for all I care, I just want my Freedom’s back, and the Original Constitution upheld for all Americans.
Years ago, someone strapped a jet engine on a car, then plastered the whole mess on a hillside, jet engine, and the driver, car and all became a part of the hillside. The creator of the vehicle didn’t take the time to Understand what he was working with; once started, the jet engine couldn’t be turned off, it had to burn out. In the split second the driver had left, if he wasn’t trying to talk to God; he might have had this thought: this is not turning out so well, it’s not like in the movies or cartoons, goodbye world. Don’t know where he went after the explosive end, I hope he got to know God beforehand, because what’s this earthly life worth if a person can’t look forward to seeing their loved ones in heaven.
A lack of understanding, vision, thought, a lack of knowledge. I went over to my neighbors home that he allowed the junkie in, that ended in the junkie being kicked out. He then let the pothead in, my neighbor, a cigarette smoker, is now relegated to smoking his cigarettes in his bedroom; but it’s his bought and paid for house. The guy renting the room doesn’t like cigarettes, they are harmful to his health as he has a respiratory problem. I thought about my neighbor, the red flags he misses, the renter is bringing in a hot-tub, controlling the goings on in the house, relegating where and what my neighbor can do in his own home. Red flags missed, kick him out Now!
I paid attention to the details while visiting my neighbor, finding myself more and more appalled with the renter. Big, obese, toothless, domineering, wears his pajamas outside, arrogant in his speech and actions, red flags. Then the guy comes out of his bedroom with a bong, sits in the living room, and proceeds to ask me if I smoke pot. I tell him, no I don’t, he then ask me why not? I tell him that I like my gray matter intact, he then starts his babbling, smoking pot since 1971, how it’s needed for the health because the body craves it. I finally got tired of his logic and his looking down on me because I don’t smoke whacky weed and never have; so I asked him: do you know the best way to take vitamins and meds? He says no.
So I tell him, I don’t take mine this way, don’t know anyone that does, unless they’re very ill, but the method gets the meds assimilated faster and better. So he ask, so what is the best way? I tell him, you can ask hospice, doctors, people that know, but you shove it up your….. May not be the cleanest or happiest method, but that’s not the point I was trying to drive home. He’s the one with the respiratory issues that won’t get better, he’s renting a room, not a house, but a room. His attitude sucks, can’t tell when he sees his own motorcycle, and he is looking down on me because I don’t smoke pot.
Never seems to matter in the society we live in, something dumb this way comes. The pothead above, he’s in his sixties, toothless, obese, renting a room, undignified in his attire and actions; now that’s a red flag for society and I have to think; this guy votes…..

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