Police Yourself

Police Yourself
Do you really want or need more laws that confine you and your family’s life.
Human waste, you can look at that in a few different ways, the fuse for this thought was lit by the mess the homeless leave behind; but the thought didn’t end with the homeless mess. Face it, everything aside from nature involves humans; more than just the toilet manner of thought.
There’s an old adage when talking about people that are listless in thought and action, the adage: What a waste of a Bone Bag. Not a good tag to have invisibly plastered on your forehead for people to see, proof that you can’t hide who you are; people know. So, be the best homosapien you can be. Better put would be, what a waste of a brain and the abilities that everyone has to be better than they are at any given second in their lives.
People are getting upset about homeless camps that are in every town or city, people say that the camp’s are messy, the homeless people leave their trash behind along with used needles and broken booze bottles, and human excrement; it’s atrocious, an eyesore for every family to walk through, and they say it’s worse walking down city streets. Welcome to Socialism.
This is not beating up on the homeless of this country, but there would be less homeless people to contend with; if we had a responsible citizenship. Some will read this and say, yeah in a perfect world maybe, but look at what and who’s been voted into office, look at the laws that have been passed; look at the confines of your own life. The citizenry created the obese government, the government simply took advantage of the Empty Bone Bag mentalities that never police their own thoughts and actions.
Not everyone considered to be homeless wants to be homeless, some just ended up there, and they want out. But, there are too many hurdles to jump over, the cost of getting transportation, rent, food, it’s ridiculous for someone trying to climb out of the homeless pit. All because of the pandering of politicians, and the blindness of society, how does society expect the homeless to go away if there’s no jobs to obtain. But the homeless needs the above to obtain and keep their jobs, so the employer gives a person a job, then tells the person that they have to get their lives in order within a month; see the imbalance. We don’t need laws that dictate hurdles, time, and governance of our lives; we need a balanced thinking society.
It’s not a Robin Hood thought here, it’s a thought that if we are going to have a shot at the American Dream then we have to knock down some of the elitist / socialist confines that have been placed on American citizens; by complacent American citizens. Look, I know I’m not alone here, but I’m tired of paying for the whole mess, if someone wants the homeless lifestyle, then let them have it. But if there is a victim of homelessness, that really wants a leg up, then help them; they may just be the one that finds the cure for cancer, but right now no one will know. Look at history, it’s gotten worse, not better. It’s all according to what the majority accepts and expects, the key word is Majority; so in reality, who’s really in charge of this country. There are no rules that says the majority is always right; they’re just the majority is all. The answer as to who is in control is, We the People are, and we have been wrong for some time now. We have allowed the ranks of Constitution oriented citizens to dwindle to the mud while being stomped on by professional politicians; but take some time to consider this, the dust is next if society doesn’t move towards betterment soon.
Policing ourselves, up till recent decades, it was never a problem to police ourselves in all that we do or say; on the whole of society, it just wasn’t a problem. But that’s the problem of a progressive / socialist society, the moral compass gets recycled with the Constitution into some sort form of decaying yard sale trinket; that cost a bundle, gets used and abused, then sold for nothing. What’s the American life worth, I will leave that up to the reader to answer.

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