Making Noise

Making Noise
Today was a good day, might not suit everyone, but for me; today was a good day. Creating, keeping busy, those things always make the day good; and when the day turns out good, the time spent is all the better, and never wasted.
It started when my neighbor gave me a piece of aluminum that he no longer needed, just the right size to cut four special pieces for the armrest of the car. A cutoff blade in the old Skill saw makes a good deal of noise; second only to the noise the angle grinder makes that I used to finalize the shape to a more uniform shape for all four pieces.
Having a creative day helps keep anger at bay when some dweeb talks to you, when you’d rather be grinding away at the project at hand. Seems my neighbor and his new roommate decided to put in a hot tub in their skimpy back yard, there were about six guys standing around a hot tub that was sitting on a trailer when my neighbor called me. Seems they couldn’t figure out how to get it in the back yard, it’s really a clear path from the side of his yard, guess they couldn’t see past the trailer hitch, so they called me.
My neighbor said that they wanted to bring it in through my yard, I told him No! Not because I wanted to be mean, but it just wouldn’t fit, maybe if they rolled the tub through the side yard on its side, but even that might not work. So this other voice comes on the phone, a rude and arrogant voice, I didn’t know who I was talking to, but they told me, we have an old truck driver, he can back the trailer up safely. I was polite as I told him: look I don’t give a damn how good the guy is, once you get that thing stuck half way between my side yard and driveway, there had better be a magician in the group because the tub just is not going to fit; it’s too damn big to fit through the side yard!!! The voice on the other end of the line went silent, the guy put my neighbor back on the phone.
I saw who the old truck driver was, he was the same guy that got tanked up and wrapped his Harley Davidson around the front-end of a new Chevy; he’s an old truck driver because of a DUI and the loss of his CTL. Glad I said no, red Red RED Flag.
Me, I went back to making noise with my grinder, had to do some filing and fitting, no time to deal with the hot tub crew, the weather was supposed to turn; I had things to finish before it did. Strange, they did as I suggested to my neighbor, they were done before I was, don’t know if it’s hooked up; don’t really care.
I finished in the nick of time, got things cleaned up outside, planted some bulbs my other neighbor left me, then went inside to finish some more of the armrest pieces. Some sanding, shaping the plastic that will be sandwiched between the two pieces of aluminum, the piece of plastic will transmit the soft blue light around the armrest. So I did as I wished, got it done, taped the LED light on the upper edge, hit the switch, a thin pinstripe of blue light came to life; way beyond Kooler than a hot tub.
From there it was easy, shower and shave, cook up some dinner, a hot chicken sandwich and sit down to watch Austin City Limits. May have ticked off my neighbor, his friends and an old truck driver; but that’s okay with me, my armrest parts are Kool, and I really don’t care to get in their stupid hot tub anyway. Mainly because I have more important things to do with my time, than to sit around with a couple of potted up, tanked up guys in a hot tub.
In regards to making noise, I can say, that my noise was made in the working daylight hours of the day, out of respect for my neighbors. But if that hot tub means it’s party time, making loud summer nights a thing of their pleasure, and my sleeping a thing of the past; then I might just take up metal sculpting in the middle of the night. It’s simple, respect earns respect, and disrespect gets disrespect; now that’s enough said.

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